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Bulgarian company specialized in lighting fixtures’ manufacturing and mechanical detail and plastic processing looks for distributors, subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

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Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing of lighting fixtures and parts for lighting fixtures is looking for distributors for its production. The company would like to expand its activities by offering its production capacity for mechanical detail processing and manufacturing of plastic products to manufacturers of various machine items and details. The potential partnership could be established under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements.



The Bulgarian company produces a wide range of lighting fixtures and luminaires for indoor and outdoor use including dust-proof and jet-proof lighting in area of industrial, office, street, road and special lightning:
- General lighting for administrative buildings, commercial premises, offices, banks, utility buildings, offices, conference and computer rooms, class and lecture rooms, editorial offices;
- General lighting of work and sport halls, outdoor playgrounds, facades, monuments, architectural objects and etc;
- Special lighting for health institutions – hospitals and medical clinics, dining areas, kitchens;
- Waterproof systems for damp and aggressive and wet environments for laboratories, food, wine and tobacco industries;
- Street lighting.
Products can be both with steel and aluminium body and include a variety of mounting options.

The company dispose with a team with more than 30 years experience in design and production. The wide product range is using only European suppliers. The company offers short design and re-design phases, also of customized products, more than 350 catalogue products and over 10 new product developments per year.

The company is looking for distributors with and extensive knowledge of local markets and with proven track records of sales of lighting and related products to municipalities, local authorities, and other public places, food industries, health institutions, industrial designers, architects, building electrical maintenance companies in European countries.

The specialization of the company ranges in a variety of subjects: manufacturing of parts for lighting fixtures; mechanical detail processing - lathe, milling, laser cutting and manufacture of plastic products made of polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate - injection molding and extrusion.
The company provides its’ machines, facilities and technological capabilities for manufacturing of various machine items for metalworking operations and metal details processing: vertical machining center; CNC (computer numerical control) lathe; automatic laser portal machine for cutting metal sheets; program bending machines.
The company is offering following plastic production machines and operations for products made of polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate: spot welding machines; injection molding machine; extrusion line for production of polycarbonate profile and powder polymer conveyor installation with two spray manipulators.

Because of its’ free production capacities the company is looking for subcontracting services to partners to provide them with machine items, metal details and products made from plastic.
The company is also interested in expanding its business co-operation with companies by offering manufacturing services to manufacturers of machine details and plastic products. Manufacturing services are offered to the companies that need products made by the use of metalworking operations, metal details processing, spot welding machines, injection molding machine, extrusion line for production of polycarbonate profile and powder polymer conveyor installation.
The company is able to produce all kinds of details with these machines and facilities.
Partnerships will help to share competence, cooperate and provide more complex solutions to potential clients.

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- Strong commitment to customer service time, aiming lighting systems to fit the style of every environment, indoor, outdoor, public or private space - The company team of experienced lighting professionals provides a range of services - to develop solutions that optimize outcomes and maximize the value to the customers - Expertise in providing solutions professionally and ensures appropriate light quality and compliance with all relevant EU standards and regulations - Complete “closed” construction cycle: from tools to finished products - Flexible deliveries and short term delivery - The production complies with quality management certification ISO 9001. The company also has gained many awards and honors during the years - The company continuously adapts to recurring up-to-date acquirement

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Potential partners under distribution service agreements are companies willing to promote and to commercialize the lightning products to municipalities, local authorities, and other public places, health institutions, food industries, industrial designers, architects, building electrical maintenance companies and etc. Potential partners should: - have an extensive knowledge of local market (partners can be also wholesalers or chain stores) and be established businesses with proven experience in their respective country or region; - be able to identify new prospects and sell the lighting fixtures and their advantages and design into both existing and new market sectors. The Bulgarian company is seeking producing/processing industries that need a wide range of metal processing equipment and services and/or plastic production services, and a constant supply of custom-made details and components. The proposed type of partnership considered is manufacturing agreement and subcontracting.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500