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Bulgarian company trading with smart sleeping systems is looking for distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement

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The Bulgarian SME is an innovative company working in the field of Smart Sleeping Systems.The products that the company sells are manufactured in a an innovative way which helps for eliminating all negatives of the bad sleep and are increasing the oxygen level in peoples' tissues. The company is willing to enter into a commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.



The head operational office of the company is based in Switzerland, but the main reforestation office is in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian SME work in sales using human based marketing.
The products of the company are related to Smart Sleeping Systems. They harvest people's own energy, one that is the most compatible for self-regeneration and use it for recovery and improvement of the overall health. In this way, the sleeping products improve the microcirculation, help augmentation of oxygen levels in the tissues and overall energy level in the body. Besides this, the Smart Sleeping Systems help reducing the stress levels, influence of harmful electromagnetic waves and introduce us to a long, deep and healthy sleep. These revolutionary systems give unique and exclusive natural protection from all types of microorganisms that can be found in any given linen.
The Bulgarian company is mostly looking for partners who can sell their products trough distribution services agreement and /or partners that can present their products to as many as possible client through a commercial agency agreement.

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- Doctors and scientist support the products of the company -The products improve the quality of life -Smart Sleeping System is made from 100% natural core, completely comfortable, pleasant, relaxing, breathable and dump-porous, no allergens sleeping surface -Smart Sleeping System is enabling the correct body anatomy, regulating body’s pressure on surface and increasing the comfort during the sleep -The products enable excellent air flow, no dump retention and maintenance of immaculate hygiene of all it’s elements.

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The company is looking for 2 type of partners. Firstly, it would like to sign a distribution services agreement in order for a distributor to sell the company's products in the host country or beyond in accordance with the distribution services agreement. The distributor should have storage facilities for storing products, as well as a logistics network for their delivery to the consumer. The second type of partnership sought is a commercial agency agreement. Through this type of partnership the company would like to work with an agent who will represent the interests of the Bulgarian company and to make deals on behalf of company, collaborating in the expansion of the company's market within and outside the European Union. The Bulgarian entity would like to collaborate with SMEs or large companies, distributors and/ or commercial agents. The future partners should be reliable, ethical and professional. They should have sales experience in the relevant industry.

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SME <10