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A Bulgarian distributor of natural, organic and fair-traded food products is looking for organic food and raw materials producers and cosmetics ingredients manufacturers to sell their products under distribution services and commercial agency agreements

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A Bulgarian distributor with over 12 years of experience in the trade of healthy food products and other fast-moving consumer goods is looking for superfoods, grains, flours, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, extracts, essential oils, base oils, home compostable packaging products to introduce them on the Bulgarian market. The company is interested in cooperation on the basis of distribution services or commercial agency agreements.



The Bulgarian company is a well-established health & cosmetic chain and distributor offering 5000+ natural, organic, fair-traded & ethical products such as:
1. Superfoods, grains, herbs, extracts, spices, cooking oils, flour, groats, rice, delicacies;
2. Groceries - coffee (in beans, powdered, instant, decaffeinated), cappuccino, cocoa, drinking chocolate, tea (in leafs, granulated, green, fruit, herbal), carbonated drinks, sweets, snacks, spices;
3. Cosmetics (essential oils, base oils, cosmetic brands, packaging, cosmetics ingredients).
The most important and sought qualities of the products are: being ecological, eco-friendly, user-friendly, without or very limited artificial additives.
Producers of organic food or raw materials are sought.
The company has a well-established network of buyers at their disposal and has built a strong reputation among its customers.
The Bulgarian company has operational activities in the following regions: EU, Asia, and America.
The Bulgarian company is looking for commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreements with companies that are seeking to expand into new markets.

Advantages & innovations

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- More than 12 years of experience operating in the organic & natural products market. - Well-stablished network of clients. - E-commerce platforms (online shop); offer quick and affordable signed-for delivery to all EU countries. - Experience in cooperation with entities from all over the world.

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The company is looking for organic products from one of the following categories: - Superfoods, grains, flours, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, extracts; - Cosmetics - essential oils, base oils, cosmetic brands, packaging, cosmetics ingredients. The company is open to discuss each product or products directly with the foreign partner expressing interest.

Partner sought

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Type of Agreement: distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. Type of Partner Sought: partners sought should be organic food manufacturers or raw materials producers. Expertise of Partner Sought: understanding of the FMCG sector and its specificity. All products should comply with the European standards for food safety in force.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500