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Bulgarian household products offered for distribution.

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A Bulgarian SME located in northeast of Bulgaria active in manufacturing and trading with manual water pumps, washing lines, household items and trash bins is offering distribution services agreements to interested partners across EU.



This Bulgarian company was established in 1997 with main activities – design and production of home and household metal and plastic products. The company works with own designs and with designs of the client according to their requirements. Currently the company has partnerships with Billa, Metro, Kaufland, Devin and Mr. Bricolage in Bulgaria.

This SME offers various products for distribution as follows:

Manual pumps
Manual pumps designed for pumping mineral water or other non-carbonated drinks from PET bottles with a capacity from 3 to 19 liters and adaptors with the following diameters of the bottle-neck – 34 mm, 36 mm, 38 mm and 45 mm. The manual water pumps are ideal for home, office, villa and picnic. No lifting or tilting of heavy bottles is necessary. The inner tube is made up and adjusted according to the height of the bottle.

Washing lines
The washing lines are offered for installation on the ceilings of a terrace or other room. The set consists of three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine rods of equal length. The washing line is made of materials resistant to moisture and sun.

Household items
Manual juicers – a juicer with innovative design that enables easy cleaning and maintaining.
Self-watering pots - 3 liters total volume and volume of water tank - 0,5 liters.
Sink siphon cleaners – can be used to prevent and quickly clean clogged ducts in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, bath and sink.
Juicers with and without metal grate – can be used for seasonal canning and daily supply of fresh juice.
Walnut grinders - suitable for grinding walnuts.
Citrus Sprayers – suitable for extracting juice directly from fresh fruits. Applicable to lemons, grapefruits, oranges.
Odor absorbers - made from 100% natural activated carbon - suitable for removing odors in the refrigerator.
Grinders - suitable for grinding nuts and chocolate.
Presses for plastic bottles – designed for pressing plastic bottles and metal beer packs.

Trash bins
Trash bins with concrete base, double litter-bins with concrete base, litter-bins on a stand, litter–bins with two vessels on a stand, litter bins for separated garbage collecting, litter-bins for parks on a stand, litter-bins designed for offices and shops, luxury stainless litter-bins on a stand. The designed for separate collection of municipal waste trash-bins can be equipped with an ashtray to the housing at the customer's request.

Currently the company is only active in Bulgaria. The company is looking for a long-term partnering opportunity in order to consolidate business partnership in European countries. The partners should be distributors/traders of the mentioned products who can distribute the products and contribute in the marketing activities. The partnership is offered under distribution services agreements.

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- Over 20 years of experience - Good financial performance - Big variety of products - Own production which allows competitive prices - Foreign language skills - Well-developed commercial network in Bulgaria - Durable plastic raw materials in the process - Practical products - Customer specific designs - Highly experienced team

Partner sought

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The potential partner should have a wide network of contacts among household products stores; good experience on the market of household products and interest in new products. Potential partners can be distributors of household products. Ideally these products will complement the products range they are currently distributing or selling. The company is offering its products under distribution services agreement.


Press for plastic bottles and beer packs


Trash bin


Odor absorber


Sink cleaners


Separate waste trash bins


Self watering pot


Nut grinder


Citrus Sprayer


Trash bin


Juicer plastic grid


Double bowl for nuts and fruits