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Bulgarian producer of electrical switchboards and metal works offers distribution and manufacturing agreements

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A Bulgarian company that works in the field of power engineering is manufacturing equipment of low and medium voltage, electrical installations and various types of switchboards, as well as offering metalworking. The company is looking for buyers under distribution agreements and is seeking long term cooperation with partners through manufacturing agreements.



This Bulgarian company is located on area of 29 decares, consisting an administrative seven-floor building, two production buildings, public catering building, security and parking spaces. At its built on 2013, the factory was constructed for production and assembly for the automotive industry segment. The main activity nowadays is the manufacturing of electrical switchboards for household and industrial purposes under contracts and individual purchases.

The company manufactures the following types of electrical switchboards with high quality and competitive prices:

• Main and distribution electrical switchboards for industrial purposes
• Distribution switchboards for cable grids low voltage
• Electrometer cabinets for residential buildings and public buildings
• Electrical switchboards for residential public and administrative buildings
• Electrical switchboards for power plants and substations
• Control cabinets for operating technological lines
• Control switchboards for street lighting
• Cabinets for automatisation (Control - Measurement Devices)
• Electrical switchboards for medium and high temperatures and pressure- which are used in the processing of oil and petroleum products;
• Other industrial specialized electrical switchboards.

Besides the switchboards the company is active in metal works processing, most of the productions are machines and equipment in the field of biomass processing, a large part of them designed in the company. This production line is almost stopped at the moment and the company produces in this direction only small components for electrical cabinets and small metal elements. The company has a free capacity and the base is suitable for a wide range of production of large and small elements and items. In this direction the company is looking for a potential partner to manufacture desired products for them.

This Bulgarian SME is looking for buyers that will sell their products under distribution agreement and is seeking a long term cooperation with partners through manufacturing agreements for its metal works.It is expected from the partner to submit a detailed drawing or sample and to define what quantity is needed.

The company prefers partners from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, China, Croatia, Israel, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland and Macedonia.

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The company is dynamically growing and one of the largest manufacturers of electrical cabinets in Bulgaria. This production is based on a workshop with an area 9975 m2, equipped with automated production of elements and a fully-equipped manual assembly of components. The company has a production base for manufacturing and processing of metal products. Distributed in two workshops, the base is suitable for a wide range of production activities. The workshops have the opportunity to produce both large and smaller items. More than 30% of employees of the company are university graduates - economists, lawyers and engineers. Among the engineering team there are mechanical and electric engineers with experience in design and production. The company also has contacts with local technical universities. The company has a large range of components which are all manufactured to the necessary EU standards and specifications. The company has flexible approach to innovation - will work closely with partners to bring new products to life.

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Distribution services agreement: Тhe company is looking for a long-term partnering opportunity in order to consolidate business partnership in European countries. The partners should be a distributor who can distribute the products, provide technical service, and contribute in the marketing activities. Potential partners are supposed to have experience in various industrial sectors. Possible partners can be industrial plants, machine builders, site maintenance as well as local distributors for technical equipment to become partners under a distribution services agreement. Manufacturing agreement: Manufacturing agreements are offered to companies specialized in the different sectors and operating on their local market. The potential partner should provide the Bulgarian company with the specification of the ordered products, inform on types of work and material required, and stipulate the number of products ordered. The company is capable to manufacture different types of small components for electrical cabinets and small metal elements for different industries.


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Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland