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Bulgarian producer of meat products and delicacies is looking for distributors

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A Bulgarian company specialized in the production of traditional meat delicacy products is looking for distributors from Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece to sell its products in their countries.



A company from Northwestern Bulgaria is active in the field of production and trade with quality meat products based on traditional Bulgarian recipes. During the recent 25 years the company is one of the leading meat products producers in the country.
All of the company's products are produced in a factory (situated over 14 000 sq.m.) equipped with modern facilities that meet the required technical and sanitary standards with no preservatives added to the products.
The company is certified under IFS6.
The company’s main meat products are:
- larded salami sausages (made from top quality beef and pork meat);
- raw dried delicacies (jerky, flat sausages, pork loin, dry sausages, etc.);
- roasted gourmet meats (bacon, roasted rump, neck, roasted fillet, chicken fillet, turkey fillet, smoked pork breasts, smoked pork chops, smoked pork ribs, etc.);
- hams and ham products;
- frankfurters, sausages, pates, salamis;
- culinary products – homemade meatballs, oriental meatballs, chicken meatballs with vegetables.
All products are healthy and technologically tested with excellent taste. The production process is based on the best and time-proven traditional Bulgarian technologies.
Since 2008, the company is the first Bulgarian meat processing company with a certificate for the production of organic products in accordance with European legislation. The certified meat bio products that the company produces are flat sausages and salamis.
The company wants to expand its export to new markets and is looking for partners who will distribute the ready meat products in their countries to mass supermarkets and/or catering companies (which can distribute the wide variety of delicacies as well as the culinary products such as meatballs). Currently, the company's export strategy aims at the neighbouring markets of Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

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- Modern production facilities covering an area of 14,000 square meters; - one of the largest meat processing companies in Bulgaria; - modern systems have been introduced – HACCP and IFS6; - strict controls regarding the origin of raw materials; - the taste, safety and quality of products is guaranteed; - the company has developed its own distribution and trade representation offices; - the first Bulgarian company which has produced certified meat bio products for the Bulgarian market in 2008; - certificate for the production of bio products in accordance with the European legislation.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for partners active in the distribution of meat products. They should have contacts with meat wholesalers, supermarkets, catering companies, etc. The type of agreement considered is distribution services agreement, because the company produces large quantities of meat and searches for large scale selling options. The role of the partners is to offer/ sell the products of the meat producer.


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Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia