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Bulgarian producer of organic insect fertilizer is looking for partners under commercial agency or distribution services agreements

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A Bulgarian company manufactures 100% dry cricket frass without any additional ingredients, used for increasing the nutritional qualities of the soil, to strengthen the crops and to increase the pest resistance.



This Bulgarian company is established in 2015 and its main activity is producing edible crickets.The company is also producing cricket frass which is organic fertilizer.

The cricket frass is collected, filtered and packed in boxes, which are ready for use. This product has excellent nutritional qualities, which help plants to grow healthy. It can be used on vegetables, fruits, flowers, bushes, trees and etc. The Cricket Frass is not harmful for the environment. Unlike many chemical fertilizers, it won’t wash out easy due to its slow release functions. Additionally, it changes the pH in the soil, making it a perfect fertilizer for perennials, bushes and trees. It does not carry any risk for burning of the plants. The remains from the insects’ exoskeleton (the chitin covers) are improving the immunity of the soil and are accelerating the plant growth.

This organic fertilizer is made entirely from animals (crickets), which eat fruits and vegetables. It is rich in nutrients and one of the few sources of chitin, which boosts the plants’ immunity. This cricket frass is applicable to domestic and commercial purposes.

The company offers its product in two sizes: 5kg Jumbo Box and 2,4 kg Starter Box.

The company is looking for distributors or sales representatives to bring the fertilizer on an international market. The cooperation appreciated is a collaboration under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement worldwide.

Advantages & innovations

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• 100% organic fertilizer - innovative product. • its usage helps to raised beds, foliar, root drench, top dressing, frass tea, hydroponics and potted plants. • If stored in a dark and dry place, the insect fertilizer can last up to two years. • easy to to work with

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The company is looking for commercial agents or distributors of its product. The future partner should have experience and contacts in agriculture sector. The role of a partner is imagined as an expert on a local market to help the Bulgarian company enter the concrete national market successfully. It could be a sole trader or a company focused on agricultural sector.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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