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Bulgarian producer of shoes parts is looking for manufacturing agreements.

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This Bulgarian producer of different parts of the shoe - shafts, quarters, tongues, eyelets, throats, laces, vamps, throat lines wants to expand its production activities and to enter new markets. The company is looking for a manufacturing agreements with similar companies from across European Union for concluding of manufacturing agreements.



This company was founded in 2007 in the North-eastern part of Bulgaria with main activity - production of different parts of the shoes, mainly the upper part of the shoe. The company is currently employing 50 workers and is working under manufacturing agreements for companies from Italia.

The products that can be manufactured by the Bulgarian company are:
Shafts - The shafts are the upper part of the shoes;
Quarters - The rear and sides of the upper that covers the heel that are behind the vamp;
Tongues - Strips of leather or other material located under the laces of a shoe;
Eyelets - Holes that are punched into the shoe's upper that allows shoelaces to be threaded through. Eyelets are commonly reinforced with a metal or plastic grommet that covers the holes and prevents fraying.
Throats - The front of the vamp next to the toe cap. For shoes were the vamp and quarter panels are one piece the throat is at the eye-stay.
Vamps - The section of upper that covers the front of the foot as far as the back as the join or the quarter.

The material used for the production is pure natural leather. The company has good production capacity and is ready to work with the potential partner's own design and order, under the partner's brand name. The production capacity depends on the complexity of the shoes and can be up to 300 pairs per day.

The company is willing to find new partners abroad and is ready to work with companies from all over EU. The Bulgarian company is looking for shoes companies, which have low manufacturing capacities and need a partner, that would order some portion of its production to the Bulgarian company, under manufacturing agreement.

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- The company’s experts have long years’ experience in shoe production; - The company uses only natural leather as a raw material; - The company offers very competitive prices and has a very flexible approach towards its pricing and cooperation policy; - The company follows the world fashion trends and quality product standards; - Experience in international cooperation (Italy)

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The company is looking for shoe producers or suppliers, who might be interested to order the company's products under their own design and brand and to cooperate under manufacturing agreement.