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A Bulgarian producer of sunflower kernels is looking for trade intermediary partners

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A company producing sunflower kernerls for bakery, confectionery and bird food use, is looking for foreign partners as trade intermediaries to act as agents and/or distributors for its products abroad. The company is interested in a distibution service agremment or a commercial agency agreement.



This is a family- owned and operated company that is commited to the production and distribution of sunflower kernels. The company is founded in 2012 as an agricultural trade company. Throughout the years, it has concentrated in the production, processing and exporting of sunflower kernels, becoming one of the principal producers in the international market, with export to more than 20 countries.Based in South- Eastern Bulgaria, the factory is equipped with modern machinery covering all stages for producing sunflower kernels.

In the production are used high quality sunflower seeds, grown in ecofriendly areas in South- Eastern Bulgarian region. The company has reliable long- term partners of the local farmers and agricultural producers. The sunflower seeds are divided in several categoris ; for confectionery use, bakery production, bird food and sunflower chips. Sunflower bakery kernel is produced from oil sunflower seeds and it is well suited as an ingredient. They are nutritious and have a crisp and crunchy texture.Confectionery kernels are produced from lower in fat sunflower seeds and are larger than Bakery grade.They are delicious and nutritious snack or addition to food. Bird food kernels are produced from oily type of sunflower seeds- it is important source of proteins and fats for birds,and provides them with excellent nutrition.Sunflower Chips are broken kernels that have the same specifications as bakery kernels, but most of them are smaller than 1/2 kernel. Sunflower Chips is used mainly as direct supplement in bird food, but also in food processing.

The production line is completely automated and includes cleaning, calibrating, hulling, sorting, packaging and storage. The technical equipment corresponds to the demand in modern agriculture and provides fast and efficient work.There is 30 temperature points in each silo which guarantee permenent 24 h temperature control for proper storage.During the process a labolatory specialists take samples every hour per day to guarantee excellent quality of the final product.

The sunflower kernels are avaiable in different packaging according to customer`s requirements, with label- of the company or label with client`s design, on EURO pallets ( 80/ 100 cm.) or UK pallets ( 100/ 120 cm.) or US pallets ( 40/ 48 inches), well stacked and streched for long distance transit, the sunflower kernels are ready to export. They can offer another type of packaging according to customer`s requirements and specifications.

​The packed sunflower kernels are stored in a warehouse which has a constant temperature and pest control systems. The kernels are stored in a way that secures them from destruction, on pallets, in clean and dry areas, protected from light and moisture.
Optimal storage conditions:
maximum temperature: 20`C
maximum humidity: 70 %

The warehouse holds 1000 tones of goods.

The factory is conveniently located just 100 km. from the Black sea port, reducing transportation time and cost.

They offer the following terms of spedition EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP, FOB or all types of Incoterms 2015.

The company is interested in a distibution service agremment or a commercial agency agreement.Already involved in trans-national co-operation, the Bulgarian company is interested in entering new markets by enlarging its external clients’ portfolio. The Bulgarian company is looking for trade intermediaries as agents to represent the products and/ or distributor to sell its sunflower kernels abroad.

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The company counts with the latest technology which allows them to maximize the efficiency and productivity achieving 80 tones production of sunflower kernels per day. Monthly production capacity is over 2000 tones.The processing capacity per year is over 22 000 tones. he sunflower kernels are Non-GMO and have No Allergens. They are graded according to size and separated into groups. The company works accordingly to IFS 6, ISO 22 000 and FDA standards. The products are KOSHER certified. In the processing part there are several machines which clean and calibrate, hull and colour sort the seeds.There is X- Ray and S+S German metal detector to ensure that all metals are excluded from the final product.

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Already on the market

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For the commercial agency partnerships, the potential partner should be a reliable foreign SME interested in representing the company abroad. The foreign partner could be active and/ or have previous experience in the field of health food, confectionery production, bakery production and pet food production. Concerning the distribution services co-operations, the foreign partner is expected to be interested in selling the products abroad and to have experience in retailing, distributors, imports and wholesalers sector.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250