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Bulgarian rehabilitation hospital is looking to cooperate with tourism agencies for rehabilitation tourism

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The specialized rehabilitation hospital located between the ancient and picturesque town of Nesebar and the village of Ravda in Bulgaria is looking to find tourism agencies from around the world in order to offer their recreation packages for rehabilitation



The rehabilitation hospital is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and yearly it welcomed hundreds of tourists from Bulgaria and Europe. The hospital is working with a lot of international tourist agencies and now it would like to find new partners in order to distribute their rehabilitation packages on their touristic markets.

The hospital has a hotel sector, restaurant sector and very modern medical centre. The hotel has 36 rooms, mixing single, double and triple rooms. The maximum capacity is 80 people.The medical sector is situated within the building’s basement, accessible via stairs or an elevator. There are rooms designated for mud therapy with baths, couches for mud and lye applications, rooms for physiotherapy with physiotherapy equipment and a sports room equipped with apparatuses for recuperative exercises. The Black Sea mud and lye from Bulgaria are well known for their unique work. Lye is an end product in salt production.The mud and the lye are world renowned for the treatment of diseases of the locomotor system.The unique healing properties are due because of their rich mineral and organic compound. The content of biologically active substances it contains all the ingredients of sea water, but in greater concentration.

The rehabilitation hospital offers the following procedures:

-Medicinal mud used for the treatment of all kinds of musculoskeletal system disorders, peripheral nervous system disorders, gynaecological and andrological disorders, sterility, as well as skin diseases
-Lye compressions for anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect when applied in case of pains in the neck, waist, knee and shoulder joints, hands, etc.
- Physiotherapy through therapy with low- and medium-frequency currents suitable for treatment of pains in the joints, ear diseases (otitis), sinusitis, stimulation of damaged muscles, discopathy and disc herniation. The hospital also offers therapies with ultrasound, magnets, iontophoresis, electrophoresis.
- Lymph drainage - apparatus (so-called pressing therapy) used for complete detoxification of the body, lymph draining, weight loss, cellulite reduction, smoothing of unevenness of the skin, body shaping, improvement of muscle tone, improvement of the body’s metabolism and blood flow, relaxation.

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The rehabilitation centre is modern and with very high skilled staff with medical education. The apparatus for the treatments are supplied from renowned European companies. The stuff in the rehabilitation centre speaks Russian, English and German. All of them are highly skilled with medical education. The location of the rehabilitation hospital offers the unique climate of the Black sea coast and the healing qualities of the Black sea mud and lye.

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The rehabilitation hospital is looking for tourism agencies that could offer their rehabilitation packages in their portfolios of recreation offers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10