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Bulgarian signmaking company offers its products and production capabilities and seeks commercial agency agreements

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A Bulgarian company is offering a comprehensive range of services including graphic design, plastic processing, laser cutting, illuminated totems, advertising signs and banners, composite panel signs, channel letters, acrylic products for advertising, digital signage and production of steel and aluminum elements. The company is interested in partnership under commercial agency agreements.



Bulgarian company from the advertising sector is offering a comprehensive range of design and production services. Its range of business activity covers indoor and outdoor advertising, production of banners and POS (point of sale materials), CNC (computer numerical control) and laser cutting, 3D lettering, advertising signs and banners, fabric signs, composite panel signs, channel letters, advertising totems, acrylic products for advertising.
The company is offering the following production technologies:
- CNC machining center: milling and plotter cutting of any shape from vector graphics files. This technology is used in production of forms, stencils, wall decorations, irregularly-shaped stickers etc.
- Production and installation of tailor-made billboards, city lights, signage systems, visual identification systems, totems, letters etc.
- Production of backlit advertising mediums for indoor and outdoor purposes made of vinyl or plexiglas sheets, highlighted by LED (light-emitting diodes) or fluorescent lamps.

Products offered:
- LED signs - standalone letters, symbols and logos that vary in size and form. LED signs are mostly used for locations that need a strong visibility and a distinct appearance.
- LED boxes - highly customized sign boxes that differ in form, color and lighting solutions. LED boxes are mostly used for achieving an increased visibility and memorable appearance.
- LED pylons - freestanding sign pillars with LED signage on one or more sides. Pylons are mostly used to draw attention from long distances.
- LED guides - mostly used in public spaces such as airports, train stations and shopping centers. LED guides enable visitors to find the right places easily and effortlessly.

The company has experience with foreign partners from Germany and Austria which were offered design services and production of different advertising products.
The potential sought partnership under commercial agency agreements could be with foreign companies from the advertising sector which to offer the Bulgarian producer's services to final clients.

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- compliance with clients’ needs, ideas, resources, and constraints and always find the right solutions. It may be that there are easier and more cost-effective ways to accomplish the goals. - recommendation of the right products in terms of aesthetics, functionality, location, and budget - all the products are built for easy installation by a general handyman. - assisting the customers to purchase and install their own signs, simply and safely. - closed-cycle - from idea through design, manufacturing and installation.

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Already on the market

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The Bulgarian company would like to contact with foreign ad companies or commercial agents interested to cooperate under commercial agency agreements. The partner is expected to act as agent between the Bulgarian producer and potential final clients interested in products and services from advertising sector such as signs and banners, composite panel signs, acrylic products for advertising, digital signage etc. The company is open for single orders and for long-lasting cooperation for production accordingly to clients' projects and drawings, the company offers a full range of its design services, as well.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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