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Bulgarian SME is looking for suppliers of copper wire scrap, copper cathodes-scrap or copper rods-scrap under supplier agreement

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Chemical and solid material recycling
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Bulgarian company is searching to cooperate with new suppliers of copper wire scrap, copper cathodes-scrap or copper rods-scrap. The SME is willing to establish a long-term collaboration with foreign partners under supplier agreement. The quantities required are approximately 1000 m.tons per month.



The Bulgarian company is operating at regional and national level establishing a supplier network, which is currently aimed at increasing its scope of activity to international dimensions. Its clients are manufacturers of copper-based sheets, strips, coils, and other metal-processing industries. It is developing its sales channels both locally and internationally.
In order to meet its clients" demand, the company is looking for copper wire scrap, copper cathodes-scrap or copper rods-scrap as raw material. Their monthly need of copper scrap is around 1000 metric tons.

Copper wire scrap description:
Copper Wire Scrap should be min 99.7 % purity
Wire diameter: 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm Weight: 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 15kg, 20kg
Packaging Details: bales, bundles, rectangular blocks
Tensile strength: 1000 N/mm2, 900 N/mm2, 500 N/mm2, 450 N/mm2.

The company is willing to work under supplier agreement.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
The company is flexible enough to offer supplier agreement and negotiate with the interested potential partners in order to establish a long-term cooperation. It is actively supporting the circular economy benefits for the society and is contributing also with a variety of local/regional green initiatives to reduce production waste and pollution.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
Scrap copper may consist of mill berries, copper ingots, cooper granule mainly but any other type of copper may be discussed. Copper wire scrap should be without insulation. Suppliers are required to provide documents related with the purity of supplied scrap copper, upon request. Acceptable values of impurities described below: Item Standard (%) Results(%) Purity (%) ≥99.78 99.9 Carbon 0.03 0.03 Coblet <0.001 0.0009 Iron 0.005 0.005 Phosphorus <0.01 0.009 Sulphur <0.01 0.009 Zinc 0.003 0.003

Partner sought

Cooperation area: 
The potential partners might be enterprises from different sectors producing copper scrap as waste product or traders. They need to provide a written warranty in order to supply requested quantities. Addiditonally, the partner should have technical specifications reports to prove the quality and the content of the scrap. The Bulgarian company is willing to work under supplier agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500