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A Bulgarian SME offers a do-it-yourself perfume box and is looking for joint venture or financial agreement

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A Bulgarian start-up specialised in trade and advertising has developed a do-it-yourself perfume box. The perfume box is offered in various shapes and palette of capsules according to the clients’ preferences. The company offers a patented innovative product and is seeking for either a joint venture or financial agreement with relevant companies.



A Bulgarian start-up, founded in 2016 has developed an original innovative product that is a do-it-yourself perfume box in various shapes and palette of capsules. The product enables clients to create fragrance according to their taste, without getting empty all of the perfume content first. Thus, users can reuse the packaging, make their own unique scent and create different scents according to their mood each time they want. Fragrances are in capsules with guidelines for various combinations.

This innovative product has International Utility Patent Issued (for the territory of 49 countries) and has won the Creativity International Awards with a Silver Award.

The company has international and local experience in trade and advertising sectors. It has successful established and developed 13 individual brands, both own and exclusively represented, on the Bulgarian and North American Market.

The Bulgarian start-up is looking for joint venture agreement with potential partners which will be expected to have experience and facilities for perfume manufacturing, essential oils and packaging.

The second type of partnership sought by the company is a financial agreement with potential partners for attracting funds in order to set up an integrated business from manufacturing to sales and advertising.

Advantages & innovations

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- the do-it-yourself perfume box is novel product for the market which is very easy to use and customer friendly; - the product’s packaging is unique and is made for multiple use while most high quality perfume packaging, which are a piece of art, are thrown away after being emptied simply because they can’t be refilled or because their owner just got tired of the scent; - the novel product is very price-competitive and flexible (in terms of use) in comparison to common perfumes since most of the users wait to empty their content before purchasing a new perfume; - the do-it-yourself perfume allows each customer to express his /her individuality without the need to buy several different products.

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Available for demonstration

Partner sought

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Type of partner: industry Field of operation: companies from the perfumery and cosmetics industry with experience and appropriate facilities for manufacturing of perfumes, essential oils and packaging. Type of partnership sought: The company is looking to establish joint venture agreements with partners who ensure the production process while the Bulgarian SME would provide the know-how and expertise; the company is also looking to establish financial agreement with partners for attracting resources.