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Bulgarian women entrepreneurship association is looking for partners under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

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A Bulgarian women entrepreneurship association, founded to empower and inspire women to become intentional and conscious leaders in business, career and public life, is looking to extend their reach to other EU countries. The association is looking for public or private similar networks, women NGOs, charities, SMEs or start-ups worldwide to collaborate under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements.



This Bulgarian women entrepreneurship association was created by women entrepreneurs, professionals and scientists,
who gathered together in the beginning of 2007 in order to create round tables involving Bulgarian and international professionals to transfer expertise and know-how to Bulgaria, aiming at establishing mutual professional relationships through an intermediation activity between institutions and enterprises. The association was the first and the only organization supporting and empowering women to become entrepreneurs.

The core activities of the association are in different areas such as:

- Trainings;
- Management and enterprise strategy;
- Communication and marketing activities;
- Access to European financing;
- Project coordination;
- 1 to 1 consultancy;
- Women business website promotion: articles, social media posts, etc.

The organization is best represented in the regional and national level but it has also international partners from Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Austria, Czechia and France.

The association collaborates as an expert with agencies, ministries, regions and institutions, in order to implement
different projects: training and modernization, virtual business incubators for neo-entrepreneurs, public-private partnerships, promotion and development of women’s entrepreneurship, monitoring, research, promotion of entrepreneurial values, scholarships, apprenticeships and tutoring.

The women entrepreneur’s profiles vary from education, training, coaching, law, to psychology and consulting activities.

The success registered in projects developed on the national level altogether with the experience and expertise of its
trainers and consultants have encouraged the Bulgarian association to start exploring more opportunities for cooperation
with partners from abroad.

Therefore, the Bulgarian association is looking to conclude with partners from EU:

- Subcontracting agreements with public or private similar networks, women NGOs and charities interested in the
Bulgarian market, in order to work together in developing /organizing entrepreneurship workshops and/or conferences;

- Outsourcing agreements with SMEs or Start-ups worldwide, interested in the Bulgarian market. The potential client
should be interested to offer its women employees the opportunity to be trained in entrepreneurship workshops or to
participate in women entrepreneurship conferences and activities in Bulgaria and to use the services provided by the
Bulgarian association.

Advantages & innovations

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- more than 12 years of national and international team experience in business consultancy; - activities developed for women, without a specific profile or requirement; - fluent speaking Italian, Russian, Slovak and English language.

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The Bulgarian association focused on women entrepreneurs, seeks international business partners for developing long term relationships. Potential partners include public or private similar networks, women NGOs, charities, SMEs or Start-ups under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements. Subcontracting. The potential partners sought could be public or private similar networks, women NGOs and/or charities that would like to work with the Bulgarian association in developing and organizing entrepreneurship workshops and conferences. They would have to be involved in some particular parts of the events, e.g. to provide professional speakers, etc. Outsourcing agreements The potential partners sought could be SMEs or Start-ups that are willing to offer their women employees the support to be trained in entrepreneurship workshops, and to participate in conferences in Bulgaria powered by the Bulgarian association specialists and their trainers and to use the services provided by the Bulgarian association.