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Carbon fibres pots, pans, or dishes for induction hobs

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An Italian SME with experience on carbon and composite materials applications has developed and patented a surface technology which allows to use pots, pans and dishes made of carbon fibres for cooking or warming food on induction hobs. Carbon characteristics like strength, lightness and aesthetic appearance can revolutionise the cookware market and open new unexpected applications in different sectors. Companies on cookware and cooking appliances industries are sought for licence agreements.



After many years of experience in design, product development and mould machining for many composite material applications, an Italian entrepreneur was able to develop and internationally patent a new technology which permits to make composite fibre materials, e.g. carbon fibre, approved for food and beverage contact (surface coating obtained the FDA approval for the contact with fod and beverages (USA - Food and Drug Administration). Such a technology applied on carbon fibre products has been also tested for induction hobs and systems allowing to build very light weight and sturdy pots, pans, or dishes made just of carbon fibers. Carbon fibers cookware can revolutionise the induction food and beverage cooking and heating sectors substituting existing devices and launching new ones for many different applications. The entrepreneur is interested to sign license agreements with companies in cookware and induction systems sectors or in other markets like automotive or aeronautic sectors where such food cooking and heating technology could be applied.

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The technological innovation allows the use of carbon fiber instead of traditional heavy ferromagnetic materials in order to produce pots, pans, or dishes for induction hobs and system. The main advantages are related to the carbon materials characteristics such as: - High strength - Super light weight - Aesthetic superiority - High design and elegance - Versatility in the realization of new shapes - Surface coating has obtained the FDA approval for the contact with food and beverage

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Companies on cookware and cooking appliances industries interested to adopt this technology o to adapt it to new way to cook, warm and serve food and beverage are sought for licensing agreements.


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