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Characterization of transportation subsystems under extreme conditions

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A French technology center, based in northern France, is specialized in ground transportation sector (automotive and railway). It is providing testing techniques and expertise for characterization of transportation subsystems used in extreme environment conditions. It is looking for partners from ground transportation sector to collaborate under technical cooperation agreement to provide tests.



A French SME, acting as a technology center, is located in northern France. It is specialized in ground transportation sector, especially automotive and railway. It has for assignment to support companies in their research, innovation and development processes. To do so, it relies on a team of PhDs and engineers, and testing equipment for various thematic tests: reliability, comfort, safety, etc.

The technology center is proposing to ground transportation manufacturers to characterize subsystems and components, under hard and extreme conditions tests to give them a complete knowledge of the product caracterized. The characterization could be done from material level to macro scale (component level). The complete life-cycle can be considered, regarding the envisaged use of the component.

At material level, tests can be done to determine chemical, mechanical (static and dynamic) properties of the material. Then testing is performed on the component or subsystems itself. Plenty of tests are provided such as mechanical strength tests (traction, compression, fatigue, high velocity dynamics), acoustics tests, vibratory phenomena studies, aerodynamics, climatic phenomena or even pedestrian impact, or crash. The full range of high-ranking equipment provides a personal service to fulfill partner’s requirements. Extreme conditions can be simulated and this testing environment is really important for the several reasons:
- Finding earlier the problematic development phases
- Finding failure and malfunction
- Enhancing resistance and reliability of the subsystem
- Following the life cycle evolution of the product
- Reducing the development costs and time

The main advantage of the French technology center is to provide all this equipment in a unique place, and is able to offer a strong confidentiality (each workshop is well separated from each other to perform the tests). Equipment proposed can be used separately when the partner knows exactly what it needs to develop/control. But another strong advantage is to rely on the expertise of the team, used to work for ground transportation sector, to bring to the partner the best testing process to fulfill requirements needed. Testing conditions could be given under request.

The French SME is looking for partners, from automotive and railway industry, to collaborate under technical cooperation agreements in order to characterize a subsystem or component according to the partners’ requirements. The French team is able to provide numerical simulation to improve the component tested and the development processes of the partner. It could also make tests and check specifications of the subsystem.

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Experience team of PhD and engineers specialized in ground transportation issues. Testing equipment which can be used separately (more for technical services with a specific requirement of the partner) or letting the team compiling several tests to gets a full characterization according to the partner’s requirements. Extreme condition environment giving the partner the opportunity to reduce it development processes time and cost, and enhance reliability of its products. Strong confidentiality thank to the site offering almost all testing techniques for ground transportation issues, and its separate workshop for each thematic tests.

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Field of activity of the partner sought: ground transportation, automotive industry, railway industry. Type of partner sought: from SMEs to major companies The French SME is looking for partners to collaborate under technical cooperation agreements. The partner sought is willing to cooperate with the French team to characterize their subsystems or components according to technical specifications requirements. Both teams are implied in the following of the tests and selection of the testing methods during all the characterization. The French team is able to provide numerical simulation to improve the component tested and the development processes of the partner if necessary. It could also make tests and check specifications of the subsystem. This should be done in the framework of a long-term relationship.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500