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Chilean consulting company offers European universities and business schools entrepreneurship educational services under outsourcing agreements

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A Chilean company specialized in innovative entrepreneurship educational services and products offer their services under a long-term outsourcing agreement to Spanish universities, teacher training colleges and business schools looking to develop “learning by playing” programs.



The Chilean company designs innovative products and services enhancing entrepreneurship in universities and companies based on ludic thinking and methodology “learning by playing”. The company has developed a range of books, glossaries, and board games, for the gamification of education, in particular with entrepreneurship.

The methodology has been tested and evaluated in a transversal way by professors and students in ten countries - Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala Honduras, Peru, and Spain. The methodology is replicable, scalable and transferable. It installs permanent capacities in local actors, and it is competitive in economic terms when there are several beneficiaries.

The methodology is supported at an academic and ministerial level in many different countries including Evaluation Mineduc (Chile), Ministry of Economy of Chile, Ministry of Education of Guatemala.

The company wishes to expand its presence in Europa and as all material is currently available in Spanish, wishes to make long-term outsourcing agreements with universities, teacher training colleges and business schools in Spain, who wish to include games and play into their entrepreneurship training.

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It is a pioneer company in developing innovation and intellectual property regarding entrepreneurial educational services and products and offers a unique service with proven benefits in terms of speed and cost of learning. The company has generated an offer capable of facing the challenge of promoting initiatives to promote large-scale 21st-century competencies in a replicable, transferable and scalable manner, providing full autonomy to those who acquire the skills. This is provided through counseling and methodological transfers for conducting tournaments or educational championships in entrepreneurship or financial literacy through their methodology

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There are 2 possible business lines (complementary to each other) that they would like to build with the help of academic partners in Europe: Line 1. Develop a "university-business" business model similar to the type that US company DoinGlobal and the University of Salamanca have successfully built to offer a joint offer of academic and professional programs (100% online and/or blended) of various kinds, in which the University "certifies" and DoinGlobal manages and markets it online. For this particular case, the idea is to generate a proposal that has the differentiation of all the intellectual property possesses to co-create a unique, differentiated and highly attractive offer for the target groups. Line 2. Complement the "online" offer (Line 1) with face-to-face certification courses that have a similar business model to what "Lego Serious Play" offers to consultants or professionals who pay for the differentiation provided by being in a position to use the set of physical tools, such as special pieces of Lego, together with the methodology that will help them in their professional life. For the particular case, the idea is that the materials are the set of resources for learning and intellectual property that they have already developed, including games, books, tournaments, and so on, through which it is possible to make a positive impact towards students while remaining replicable and transferable. For both lines, the target is related to each other but that does not necessarily want to take advantage of the learning in the same context, since it depends on their professional action radius how they might take advantage of it later on. They identified 6 segments that are the target market of this type of academic and professional programs (online) and certification courses: 1) Academics from higher education 2) Teachers of basic and secondary education, ideally from 7th year and onwards, where the company’s existing portfolio is more relevant. 3) Facilitators and trainers 4) Consultants within education 5) Professionals / social entrepreneurs, working with educational environments 6) Owners and managers of educational establishments

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for European universities and business schools in Spain with an interest in entrepreneurship. The profile sought could range from universities and schools, wishing to develop courses on entrepreneurship, to local companies working in the generation of innovative, educational programs. Those companies will receive a methodologic transfer in order to be the providers of the product in the markets in which they are established.

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