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A Chinese company is looking for humic acid fertiliser producers from Europe via a distribution agreement

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This is a Chinese company specialised in European advanced agricultural products distribution in Chinese market. According to their development strategy, they want to import much more products to expand their catalogues. Currently, humic acid fertilisers are in their most urgent consideration. The products should be innovative and effective with advanced technology. Potential cooperation could be via a distribution agreement.



The Chinese company is engaged in importing advanced agricultural products from Europe and distributing them in one of the northern provinces inChina.

The company was established in 2016 with registered capital of RMB 5 million. Members of the company sales team all have abundant experience in foreign agricultural products distribution in Chinese market. And the core employees all have 8 to 10 years of related working experience.

The company has a wide sales network covering about 90 key agricultural counties in the province. The company has cooperation with 3,000 retailers in the province, and served key agricultural product wholesalers all over in China.

The company staff team has experience in cooperation with foreign companies. And they also have deep cooperation with domestic warehousing, export, logistics, marketing and sales partners.

The company is familiar with the various agricultural products prices, function and sales situation in the agricultural market.

The company also well knows crops' growth habits, so they can make quick definition for the products usage on local crops.
Potential cooperation could be via a distribution agreement, and other cooperation method also could be in consideration.

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The Chinese company is now looking for humic acid fertilisers with unique raw materials or unique production processes from European market. It’s better to be used through leaf spraying and irrigation. Some basic requirement: 1. The humic acid fertiliser's main component is humic acid, which is generally used to improve the soil environment and even can be used as an organic fertiliser. 2. If the production process is good, it can be used as a foliar fertiliser, which can promote plant growth and can be used on various crops. 3. The potential European partner’s products should have export qualification towards Chinese market. 4. The potential European partner should give support work to the Chinese company for the fertiliser registration and importation process before being marketed in China.

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Producers of acid humic fertiliser products from Europe are being sought. European supplier's provision of some samples for the experimental test is a plus.