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Chinese company manufacturing single-use bronchoscope seeks cooperation under commercial agency agreement

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A Chinese company established in 2018, manufactures single-use bronchoscope medical devices. The product has CE and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) certificates and has been widely used in Germany, Spain and US.The company is looking for long-term commercial agency agreements with EU and non-EU medical distributors with proven sales to national health services, hospitals etc.



Established in 2018, the company is young and ambitious. It specializes in the production, development and sales of single-use bronchoscopes in the field of medical device. Its core employees have more than 10 years' experience in materials, optics, structure, electronics, software, manufacturing and other fields.The company has already acquired CE and FDA certification, and has the capacity to high quality bronchoscopes. The company expands the sales overseas within 1 year, and now have acquired valued clients in Germany, Spain and the United State.

With the single-use endoscope, the efficiency of medical personnel will be improved. The main reason is that the single-use endoscope can be used after being disassembled and not requiring repeated cleaning like ordinary endoscope. Meanwhile, the most original samples from the patient's respiratory tract can be collected with the single-use endoscope if the patient is suspected with respiratory diseases. Above all, this single-use endoscope is sterile and can be discarded after the operation, thus substantially preventing cross infection of super drug-resistance bacteria.

This endoscope is distinguished from other similar products in the market. Its quality has been greatly improved. With the high-clearness images, the diagnosis of medical personnel is completed, and the risk of patients caused by quality problems is minimized with the help of the comprehensively upgraded material. This endoscope has a variety of technology and appearance patents. The disposable endoscope can be operated more conveniently and safely.

To develop the international market based on successful overseas sales experience, the company is looking to build long-term commercial agency agreements with EU and non-EU professional medical and pharmaceutical suppliers with documented records of working with health services, hospitals, and clinics. The product and after-sale service(including operating training service via video and instruction book etc. ) will be offered by the Chinese company after the commercial agency agreement signed.

The partners are targeted to the professional medical distribution companies already supplying medico / pharmaceuticals to hospitals and clinics.

Advantages & innovations

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-No cross-contamination. It eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and ensure the safety of patients. -Wider angulation. Up and down angulation ranges of 210° support smoother insertion into the lobe bronchi. Moreover the bending has high endurable ability, which is the same with reusable ones. -Rotation. The insertion tube can be rotated left or right up to 90° by simply turning a ring on the control section of the scope. This improve ease of operator control. -Passive bending. When the scope meets with resistance, the pressure is redistributed so that the insertion tube automatically bends to adjust to the contours of the colon, potentially decreasing patient discomfort and speeding insertion to the lung. -Cost effective. It do not have repair and reprocessing cost, which highly reduce the use cost of scopes.

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Already on the market

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Due to the special requirement of reputation and expertise in medical service area, the professional medical distribution companies already supplying medico / pharmaceuticals to hospitals and clinics are preferable.


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Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine


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