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A Chinese company providing intelligent centralised meter reading communication solutions seeks European partners to sign commercial agreement with technical assistance service

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A Chinese communication technology company, focused on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) communication solutions, power line carrier communication (PLC), radio frequency (RF), and blue-tooth business, offers intelligent centralised meter reading communication solutions for international electric power meter manufacturers and public utilities. The Chinese company prefers commercial agreement with technical assistance cooperation with potential European partners.



This is a Chinese company developing and providing the market with power line carrier, wireless communication technology and other communication chips, modules and supported products.

It focuses on intelligent meter reading communication business, providing communication solutions for utilities such as electricity, water and gas meter enterprises and power companies. It is one of the leading providers of intelligent centralised communication solutions in the industry. The company has a full range of product lines, including narrow-band low-speed carrier, narrow-band high-speed carrier, broadband carrier, micro-power wireless and carrier wireless hybrid communication, etc. It has acquired related certifications from G3-PLC alliance, WI-SUN alliance and other international standards organisations. The company has been deeply cultivated in the field of power line carrier communication and AMI communication solutions for more than 20 years.

The company has a professional design, R&D, production and experienced technical support team. They can make customised service according to customers' requirements.

The Chinese company is seeking for potential European partners to prompt their intelligent centralised meter reading communication solutions in the European market via commercial agreement with technical assistance service.

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The Chinese company intelligent centralised meter reading communication products include below four modules: 1. Carrier chips and modules(165X series) 1) Passed G3-PLC platform certification 2) Modulation: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM) 3) The cumulative application of 165X series chips and modules is more than 11 million, and the number of foreign applications exceeds one million 2. Wireless chips and modules(RFT5361 series) 1) Passed WI-SUN certification 2) Adjustment method: (Gauss) Frequency Shift Keying ((G)FSK) 3) Maximum output power +20 dBm 3. 165X + 5361 dual-mode communication system 1) This dual-mode fusion communication system can reduce the maintenance workload for difficult meter reading environment and improve the stability of AMI system and meter reading efficiency 2) Nearly 2 million application cases occur in China and more than 1 million overseas 4. 1642 series carrier chip and module 1) Carrier center frequency: 1.66MHz (frequency adjustable) 2) Frequency bandwidth: 10kHz ~ 20kHz 3) Communication rate: 2.5kbps ~ 5kbps 4) This chip and module have excellent performance and high cost performance. They are widely used in narrowband collection and CIU communication, and have shipped more than 2 million pieces products. All the Chinese company's products have below extraordinary advantages: 1. Products compliance with G3-PLC, WI-SUN international standards 2. Products support flexible networking, uplink and downlink communication 3. The company has an experienced R&D and technical support team to help customers solve difficult problems. The product and system enjoy stability and reliability 4. The Chinese company can offer a wide range of products and a variety of different solutions to meet with different customers' requirements

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European electricity meter manufacturers or public utilities that need these centralised meter reading communication solutions are being sought. The Chinese company is also open to a talk with related commercial agents who have sales experience in intelligent meter reading communication industry. Potential cooperation could be via a commercial agreement with technical assistance service.




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