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A Chinese company seeks intelligent image recognition technology applied to oven cavity from European market via a commercial agreement with technical assistance

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This is a Chinese company specialised in designing and manufacturing of household appliances. According to the company development strategy, they seek from the European market intelligent image recognition technology to be applied to oven cavity . The Chinese company prefers a commercial agreement with technical assistance cooperation method.



The Chinese company was founded in 1986 starting as a tiny conventional household appliance workshop. The company’s main products include refrigerators, freezers, household oven, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, water heaters, extractor hoods and gas cooking stoves etc. After more than 30 years of development, it has developed into one of the famous members in the field of household appliances. In the meantime, the company has gained its famous and reputable brand as well as dozens of subsidiary brands. The company has mature marketing channel and a stable client base.

In order to keep ahead of the market, the company gives high emphasis on the products innovative technology development. The Chinese company is willing to embrace potential partners' new perspectives and corporate cultures.

Currently, the Chinese company is looking for intelligent image recognition technology applied to oven cavity from the European market. The needed technology will be used to update the Chinese company’s household oven product catalogue.

Potential partners also should be able to provide relevant technical training or support for the new technology implementation into the Chinese company's household oven products.

The Chinese company prefers a commercial agreement with technical assistance cooperation method. But other cooperation methods also could be considered.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
The Chinese company is now developing a new and innovative household oven product with intelligent image recognition technology. Their previous design resources can’t support and produce the relevant products. They need to find partners specialised in periscope camera technology with the ability of design and development as well as mass production. The specific technology requests are as follow: 1. The partner should have the ability to design periscope cameras and experience in mass production. 2. The maximum temperature in the oven cavity could reach 270℃, while the temperature of the place where image sensing and electronic devices are placed is less than 70℃. The periscope cameras should meet the temperature requirement. 3. Determination of the camera optimal shooting location with the available space in the oven. 4. Camera heat insulation design is required. 5. Optimal optical channel design is required. 6. Potential European partner who has a production plant in Asia is preferred.

Partner sought

Cooperation area: 
European universities, companies or research institutes which have intelligent image recognition technology applied in household oven product are preferred. Potential European partners who have other advanced and innovative household oven technology are also welcome for a talk.