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A Chinese household appliance manufacturer is seeking intelligent manufacturing technologies and novel design of household appliance regarding refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters

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This is a Chinese company specialized in designing and manufacturing of household appliances. The main products include refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners and water heaters. It is seeking novel designs and technologies regarding electric household appliances in order to improve the level of human-machine interaction and to perfect the user experience. Technology transfer and patent licensing are preferable.



The Chinese company was founded in 1986 starting as a tiny conventional household appliance workshop. During the development of over 30 years, it has evolved into one of the leading members in the field of household appliances. In the meantime, the company has gained its famous and reputable brand as well as dozens of subsidiary brands, its corporate culture and tested business philosophy. Its mature marketing channel and stable client base are already in position.
In order to stay ahead of the market, novel design and intelligent manufacturing is becoming more and more indispensable nowadays for this very company and also its peers. Though this company has already built over 10 R&D centers, over 20 industry parks, and over 100 factories, they are still willing to embrace new perspectives from another enterprise or culture. It is looking for novel designs and technologies of electric household appliances, in the areas of sensors, food management, energy saving, refrigeration, noise reduction, constant temperature and humidity solutions for wine coolers, display and human-machine interaction technology, clothing wrinkle removal technology, anti-scaling technology, low-cost CO removal solution, etc.
With the advanced European technology and the mature Chinese market, the Chinese company would like to conduct a technology transfer agreement or patent licensing agreement with the future partner.

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1. Sensors: pesticide detection sensor, food freshness sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, sensors and detecting chemicals and low-cost RFID recognition technologies. 2. Food management: image recognition technology that could recognize fruit and vegetables stored in the refrigerator, fruit and vegetable detoxification. Freshness preservation technology: ethylene removal technology, humidification and dehumidification by water electrolysis. Sterilization technology: low temperature plasma technology. deodorization, avoid odor taint. 3. Energy saving: to optimize current energy consumption situation by material update (PCM), control logic upgrading (new heat exchange technology). 4. Refrigeration: supercooling technology, rapid refrigeration/thawing technology, humidity control technology, rapid defrost technology, low frost technology. 5. Noise reduction methods: active and passive noise control method. 6. Constant temperature and humidity solutions for wine cooler. 7. Advanced display and human-machine interaction technology. 8. Clothing wrinkle removal technology(wrinkle removal during the washing cycle and the drying cycle) 9. Descaling technology, scale removal technology, anti-scaling technology, non-filtration water purification technology. 10. Low-cost CO removal solution, thermostat and automatic control algorithm, flameless combustion technologies for gas water heaters or premixed burners.

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Private/public entities, technology transfer provider