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A Chinese IT company wants to sell Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) editor technology in European market, looking for AR & VR editor agents via a commercial agency agreement.

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The Chinese company has developed an AR & VR open source editor. The company is now looking for agents to sell their editor technology on European market. Potential cooperation could be via commercial agency agreement, technical assistance will be provided.



This is a Chinese new startup IT company established in 2019. The company is not only an AR & VR mobile software application developer, but also an AR & VR underlying technology developer.

The company is specialized in AR & VR action application software technology development. Taking image recognition and tracking technology as its core business, the company has developed ten kinds of innovative AR/VR action application service modules, and an open VR/AR editor combined with the Cloud technology, machine learning, data analysis, and multimedia interaction.

At present, the company is looking for agents to sell its AR/VR editor in the European market. The Chinese company can provide full technical support based on a successful cooperation.

Potential cooperation could be via a commercial agency agreement, technical support will be provided.

Potential agency partners can make money by commission or profit sharing method. It could be talked step by step. The Chinese company hopes conduct long time cooperation with a reliable agent partner.

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Company advantages: (1) The company R&D team consists of several professional and experienced engineers. Most of them have 6-12 years experience in AR, VR and large interactive animation solutions with outstanding results and measurable cost benefits in various industries. They can integrate customer needs with comprehensive thinking, combined with innovative applications and overall marketing planning. (2) The company clients have reported 10% to 20% time saving with the editor for developing AR/VR solutions. And there is no need for operators to master complicated programming language or design. AR/VR open editor’s innovation: The AR&VR open editor allows ordinary users to create and share their VR/AR works by dragging and pulling interface settings without any need of entrusting other professional manufacturers. The editor can accelerate the popularization of AR/VR. Here are the measurable benefits: (1) Fast development: Using the editor can cut down the AR/VR production timeline around 15% shorter, and the simple editing and operation mode allows users to quickly create AR/VR content within ten minutes. Once changes occur on the editor, the mobile terminal will receive the update instantly, allowing customers to give full play to creativity and imagination. (2) Low cost: operators can experience various functions for free. Then they can buy according to their own needs. The AR/VR production cost can be reduced 15% compared with the market current technology . (3) Easy to learn: the editor is easy to master. Diversified teaching videos and resources can help without any trouble and stimulate creativity together with makers. (4) Extensive use: the editor applies to many industries, such as marketing and advertising, education and learning, construction and architecture, manufacturing, tourism, entertainment and so on.

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Search for European VR/AR industry agents to sell the Chinese company newly developed VR/AR technology. The Chinese company prefers a commercial agency agreement, and fully technical support will be provided to the potential European agents. Potential agents will be paid by commission or make money by profit sharing method. It could be in concrete talk step by step.