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Coffee-flavored chocolate manufacturer from Republic of Srpska offers distribution service agreement

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The company was founded in 1999 in Rogatica, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company is engaged in the production and processing of coffee, and the production of chocolate. Cooperation with potential partners can be based on distribution service agreements.



The company is located in Rogatica, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has been operating efficiently for over 20 years. It is engaged in the production and processing of coffee, as well as the production of chocolate.
The company markets its products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with all major and minor trading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company wants to expand its market through cooperation with international partners.
The company has experienced staff who are educated and practically trained to work with machines used in production. The company is a very well-known brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and given the experience and good existing cooperation with a large number of Bosnia and Herzegovina partners, it wants to expand its field of operation in the international market.
Through this business offer, the company offers its chocolate product for marketing in markets across the Western Balkans and EU countries. The chocolates included in the business offer are coffee-flavored milk chocolate and pure milk chocolate. The offers of chocolate produced by the company are unique in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and have found their place among consumers. The uniqueness of chocolate is reflected in the fact that it is filled with the taste of coffee. Chocolate is of high quality with an affordable price on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The company is looking for a serious distributor who should adapt the offered product to the context of the country in which it is placed and during its promotion point out the differences that separate that product from similar other products. This means that this chocolate must emphasize its specificity, and that is its filling with the taste of coffee. Extreme seriousness and time responsibility are required from the distribution partner, and above all it is necessary to agree on a key factor - financing, ie how the distribution partner assumes payment obligations. In terms of financing, both the company and the distribution partner need to find the best solution that will be the basis for potential cooperation.
Suggested chocolate bars size: 80 g.
The products can be normally shipped in 2 weeks after the order is placed.

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The chocolate that is the subject of the offer has a specific taste, ie it contains a specific filling that is the taste of coffee, and which offers coffee consumers in combination with this chocolate a better, more efficient and hedonistic atmosphere of consumption. Competitive advantages of this product on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina are price and quality. Also, the competitive advantages of this product are that this company offers part of its range of this chocolate together with coffee (as one product), and at a price that is equivalent to the weight price of only competing coffee. The company has a specific packaging that is of the cardboard type in relation to competing products, and which after the use of the product is degradable and as such environmentally friendly. The company is a domestic brand that has existed in Bosnia and Herzegovina for over two decades, and which from its beginnings has differentiated its offer of different types of coffee, which was eventually crowned with a new chocolate product that is the subject of this offer.

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The company is looking for a business partner. Moreover, the company offers timely completion of any tasks and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the market and clients. These factors make the company more competitive and attractive to a potential partner. Through this contract, the company wants to find quality international partners who will distribute chocolate in the countries where the partners are located and beyond, in accordance with the specified agreement. What is important is to create a favorable distribution agreement for both parties. The partner is expected to have previous experience in the business, as well as to present the existing challenges and expectations of product distribution. Firstly, the desired partners should have enough confidence in the company's capacity to comply with all set requirements in accordance with the set standards, design and agreement. Also, it means that desired collaborators should be ready to support the company from Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish itself in foreign markets with its products. Secondly, collaborators should support promotion as well as distribution of company's products and services. Thirdly, collaborative organization should offer some innovative ideas for new products and services which can be offered by the company as product creator or developer.

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