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Commercial agreement partners sought for an innovative water leak detector.

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A UK SME has developed a water leak detector for the domestic housing and insurance industry. The device contains a water detecting strip which conducts an electrical signal to an audible warning component emitting a warning sound similar to a smoke or fire alarm. This alerts the occupant to the fact that there may be a leak developing requiring immediate attention. The SME now seeks distributors and/or agents through a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement.



A UK SME based in the midlands region specialising in environmental technologies has developed an innovative water leak detector for the domestic market.

When homeowners fit appliances which require a water connection or feed such as taps, washing machines and dishwashers in their home, there are generally a number of connections and hoses which need to be connected which are not always easy to see once fitted and slotted in to their positions. The connections are usually hidden and not easy to access. Over time these pipes or connections can degrade causing leaks to develop which are not always detected and as a result the water can accumulate and cause further unnecessary damage to the users appliances and their home, not to mention a raised insurance premium should a claim be made.

The device developed consists of a water detecting strip which will conduct an electrical or chemical signal to an audible or visible warning component emitting a warning sound similar to a smokedetector or fire alarm. This alerts the occupant to the fact that there may be a leak developing requiring immediate attention.

The benefit of the leak detector is to provide the user with a low cost, easily installed method of detecting leaks and drips before major damage occurs which result in insurance claims and raised premiums, but also to improve the health and safety of the occupants by maintaining a damp free environment and peace of mind.


- Emits a warning sound when it comes into contact with water
- The conductive water detecting strip identifies if it has come into contact with water and passes that signal to a sound emitting unit
- The sound emitting unit detects a signal from the strip and emits a warning sound
- The device may have self adhesive, or have a peel off adhesive strip to fasten on to the water pipes
- The device may also have imbedded metal strips that can either be folded into a shape or will have a memorised metal shape that will form a coil shape allowing easy installation on to a water pipe or hose
- a Smart mobile phone application will be developed in the near future with live alerts and remote access to alert home owners of a leak when not at their property

The SME is looking for agents or organisations that will allow them to sell and distribute to European/worldwide water and insurance companies. This can be in the form of a commercial or distribution agreement.

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Advantages: - Minimises damage caused by water leaks due to early detection - Offers peace of mind - Remote access via a smart mobile phone application - Safer and healthier damp free environment - Cheap and affordable - Reduce insurance claims and premiums - Saves occupant repair bills and having to replace appliances - Can be installed in seconds

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Expertise sought from the following industries/sectors: - Insurance Industry Experts - Water companies - Building and construction organisations - Home Improvement Stores - Domestic household goods retailers

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Available for demonstration

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This UK company is looking for agents and or distributors who have some knowledge and expertise of the domestic housing and house insurance sector and who have the contacts within this industry. They would like to explore all avenues available to them including retailers, local authorities, insurance companies and all major home improvement stores via a commercial agency agreement and or a distribution services agreement.

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