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Compact equipment for cost effective thermal treatment of wood

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A Latvian R&D company has developed a technology/compact equipment for thermal treatment of wood. The equipment is fully functional and has been tested by pilot customers to prove its efficiency and economic advantages. The company is looking for partners who would be interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance or licensing to use, produce or further develop/adopt to local needs the technology/equipment.



Wood thermal treatment has increased significantly in the last few years and is still growing market to improve properties of wood. The process of wood thermal treatment improves the wood resistance to decay, spatial constancy and sustainability.
The Latvian company, specialized in R&D of wood thermal treatment, offers a newly developed equipment for thermal treatment of wood. Thermally treated or modified wood is a wood that has been heated to a high temperature (up to 220 degrees Celsius) in absence of oxygen inducing some chemical changes to the wood increasing its durability. Thermally treated wood as a very durable material is used in building industry. Usually, thermal treatment devices are complex systems that require considerable investments to start production of thermally treated wood and has high exploitation costs. The offered equipment for wood thermal treatment has been developed to overcome these shortcomings and has shown excellent results.
Usually, operational costs for one treated cubic meter of wood are EUR 25 to 50. Operational costs for newly developed equipment are EUR 11.70 to 15.00 per cubic meter of treated wood. Moreover, initial investments (costs of the device) are in the range of EUR 100 000, wherein existing devices in the market require initial investments from EUR 250 000 to 1 500 000. The equipment has been tested by customers and proved its economic and functional advantages comparing to similar products already in the market (less energy consumption – reduced operational costs). Therefore, it is not just a concept, but already fully functional technology.
Status of the equipment: fully functional, technical information available (CAD model, manufacturing drawings), know how in operation. The initial priority patent application has been submitted allowing to proceed with filing an international patent in target markets.

The company is looking for partners (wood producing/ processing enterprises, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers) offering commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement to use, produce or further develop/adopt to local needs the technology/equipment. Technical assistance will include technical consultancy and implementation of the technology. The company is open to all kind of collaboration.

Advantages & innovations

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The advantages and innovations of the equipment for thermal treatment of wood: Size – it is quite compact compared to existing devices in the market. The newly developed equipment allows a wood material load in the range of 3.3 to 3.6 cubic meters. The equipment is scalable to larger amounts. Energy saving - the thermal system/technology of the equipment requires considerably less amount of energy to thermally treat the wood reaching temperature above 180 degrees Celsius and sustaining these temperatures multiple hours. Less consumption of energy means lower costs per each treated cubic meter of wood. Moreover, the equipment operates under a lower pressure (2 Bar) than existing devices making it safer in operation. Moreover, one treatment cycle is 24 hours. Quality - test results of thermally treated wood indicated that obtained wood complies with existing standards for thermally treated wood (test results: density 462 kg/m3; bending strength 72.6 MPa; specific bending strength 0.16 MPa/(kg/m3); bending elastic modulus 11422 MPa; and humidity, 4.8%).

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Field tested/evaluated

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Types of partner sought: wood producing/processing enterprises, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers. Tasks to be performed within commercial agreement with technical assistance and or/license agreement:: Wood producing/processing enterprises – implementation of the technology – adaptation to specific needs. Engineering companies – further joint development/ adaptation to specific needs. Equipment manufacturers - manufacture of the equipment and offer in local/international market. The company is open to all kind of collaboration.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Technical drawing of the thermal treatment of wood.


Test results of thermally treated wood.