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The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina with focus on testing of apparatus, devices, plants, electric power systems and testing of electrical insulation materials is looking partners through subcontracting and outsourcing agreement

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The company was founded in 1961. The company's activities are testing of devices, appliances, plants and power systems, as well as testing electrical insulation materials. Cooperation with potential partners may be based on a outsourcing agreement or subcontract, on the basis of which the company can offer type tests of high voltage equipment, type tests of low voltage equipment, diagnostic tests in the field,overhaul of energy equipment,testing of insulating oils and electrical materials.



The company is founded in Sarajevo, and today the company is located in Sarajevo-Romania region, City of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main area of ​​operation of the company are type tests of high voltage and low voltage equipment, diagnostic tests in the field, overhaul of electrical equipment and testing of insulating oils and electrical materials.
Since its establishment, the company has participated in many projects with suppliers outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. As an example, we can cite the project from October 2020 regarding the testing of low voltage switchgear, which was realized in Budva, Montenegro. Most of the realized projects in the business so far were primarily related to the provision of services, including joint projects with partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) and with suppliers and partners outside the territory of BiH.
By cooperating with new international partners through subcontractiong or outsourcing agreement, the company wants to expand its activities, ie, thanks to experience and references, to ensure the implementation of new projects abroad.
The staff from the company has many years of experience in laboratory testing of high-voltage and low-voltage equipment, and in the testing of electrical insulation materials, especially in the testing of mineral insulation oil from transformers and other electrical equipment.
The company has laboratories that consist of four organizational units:
- High voltage laboratory,
- Low voltage laboratory,
- Laboratory of electrical materials,
- Organizational unit for field tests.

Advantages & innovations

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The biggest advantage over the competition is the knowledge and flexibility in the overhaul of power equipment and diagnostic tests in the field, as well as many years of experience in type testing of high voltage and low voltage equipment and testing of mineral insulation oils. The company is equipped technically and personnel for answers to the requirements of testing high-voltage and low-voltage equipment, and in testing electrical insulating materials, as follows: • testing of physico-chemical and electrical characteristics of mineral insulating oils, • testing the content of gases dissolved in mineral insulating oil by the haed space method, • dielectric tests with atmospheric pulse voltage 1.2 / 50 ms, amplitude up to 3200 kV, • dielectric tests with switching pulse voltage 250/2500 ms, amplitude up to 2500 kV, • dielectric testing with alternating voltage of industrial frequency on dry land and on rain up to 800 kV, • dielectric tests with atmospheric pulse voltage of the forehead up to 15 ms, • dielectric tests with switching impulse voltage of the forehead over 150 ms, • dielectric tests with alternating voltage AC voltages • heating test of capacitive high-voltage measuring transformers • testing the accuracy class of capacitive and inductive voltage measuring transformers • measuring the level of partial discharges, • measurement of radio interference voltage, • measuring the capacity and angle of dielectric losses, • voltage distribution measurement, • measurement of general electrical quantities (voltage, current, power, impedance, inductance, capacity, resistance) • measurement of phase and angular error of measuring transformers • measurement of transmission ratios of power transformers • measurements of transient resistances of contact joints and aging testing • measuring the speed and response time of switchgear • IP code testing • dielectric measurements up to 12 kVeff and 12 kVpeak

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The company is looking for partners from the field of industry and research organizations. From future partners, the company expects seriousness in business, ambition and timeliness.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for partners from the field of industry and research organizations. Partners from the industrial sector with projects for the realization of which they need the services and expertise of the company would be desirable for cooperation. Through an outsourcing agreement, the potential partner is expected to form a contract that would define the examinations and services for the client, the way of doing business, and the time of engagement. Under a subcontracting agreement, the potential partner is expected to assign part of its contractual obligations to the client, ie the potential partner is expected to perform a contract for the performance of testing activities that the potential partners cannot perform.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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