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A company from Bosnia & Herzegovina offers architectural design services in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and is looking for partnership via outsourcing or subcontracting agreement

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A design company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, specialized in all architectural design phases, offers 3D modeling based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology, 3D visualization with premium quality, digitalization of analogue project data, 3D photogrammetric and laser scanning of existing buildings, as well as 3D/BIM modeling of existing buildings. The company is looking for partnership via outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.



The company is a young architectural design company from Bosnia and Herzegovina whose core business is architectural design (both exterior and interior) based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) principles which includes: complete 3D geometric models, digitalization of analogue project data, 3D photogrammetric and laser scanning of existing buildings, as well as 3D visuals with premium quality.

BIM models of existing building facilities enable significant savings for clients in time and resources needed for asset management.

The company can produce BIM models and digitize architectural project data in all Level of Detail (LOD) depending on client’s needs (LOD 100, 200, 300, 350, 400, 500).

The company uses latest software packages for BIM methodology that deliver complete 3D digital database with all relevant information of buildings, that can be viewed and used in asset management in dedicated software solutions for that purpose.

The company’s staff is a young, agile and cross-functional team that brings BIM digitalization in all phases of project life cycle and has already delivered BIM models for several major clients (telecommunications, transport, university, etc.).

Company motivation for international and global collaboration is the fact that the quality and price-vise they can provide competitive service on global market and to engage in more projects outside local region that can ensure growth for company. Also need for this kind of services is in the rise due to digitalization and smart city initiatives.

The team can seamlessly cooperate internationally and globally and can therefore be a reliable outsourcing partner for aforementioned services.

Preferred partners would be:

For outsourcing agreement - a (larger) architectural design company in need for additional capacities in BIM area,

For subcontracting agreement – sector specific company (real estate, infrastructure, tourism, construction, etc.) in need for BIM database for asset management purposes.

Advantages & innovations

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The company uses latest technologies (CAD software tools and photogrammetry equipment) for BIM and is able to respond quickly and flexibly in accordance with clients’ needs. The company has established multiple partnerships in accompanying fields and has access to additional capacity when needed. It has a young and agile team that can cover all BIM related fields in AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, and that uses latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and equipment.

Partner sought

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The company is looking for international partners who need BIM (building information modeling) services, architectural design of interior and exterior, digitalization for asset management, 3D visualization and modeling – via outsourcing or subcontracting agreement. The partner sought can either be architectural, interior design, construction, smart buildings or ICT-related company or similar sector. So far, the company has had references in AEC (architecture, engineering and construction), railroads and telecommunication industries, but can quickly adapt to other business domains. Potential partners in a role of project owner can have need for architectural, 3D visualization or BIM design team to take over full project or parts of projects in architectural or BIM services they need to outsource. Alternatively potential partner can have need for specific part of BIM modeling (architectural, visualization, HVAC, electrical, digitalization of existing buildings for asset management needs, or other) as subcontracting agreement for specific project. BIM is predisposition for smart city asset management so potential clients are from many business domains starting from building new building design, reconstruction of old buildings or digitalization asset management and interior design.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250