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Company from Eastern Poland manufacturing ergonomic and eco-innovative system of furniture for public spaces is looking for distributors

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Office furniture and other professional furnishings


A company from Eastern Poland is searching for distributors of their ergonomic and eco-innovative system of office furniture. The furniture is compatible with a computer application, allowing the height of the desk to be adjusted to the height of a user automatically. The level of the emission of harmful substances was limited to a minimum. The company is looking for distributors specialized in cooperation with demanding clients, searching for innovative products of a good design.



The company located in the North-East Poland has been operating since 1998. It is specializing in design and manufacturing of ergonomic furniture for offices, hotels, banks, stores, schools, etc. The company is well known around the country and is already engaged in international cooperation (France, Latvia, Lithuania). The high quality is confirmed by ISO certifying - the company has been a holder of ISO-PN-EN 9001:2009; PN-EN 14001:2004. Products are certified compliance with the product requirements of safety and durability standards by PN-EN-527-2/3:2004; PN-EN 14073:2006; PN-EN 14074:2006; PN-EN 14072:2006. The furniture is also approved by the hygienic certificate. Thanks to the certificates mentioned above, as well as to implemented production management system, the company is a reliable, on-time partner.

The newest and the most advanced product of the company is eco-innovative and health-promoting system of office furniture connected to a computer application. The furniture was designed to boost the comfort of users, both non-disabled and disabled. The system consist of desks and cabinets.
Desks, thanks to electric racks, can be adjusted to the size of a user, work in standing position is also possible. The computer application measures an user and automatically adjusts the position of the desk. Also cabinets, thanks to sliding doors and high racks, are friendly to wheelchairs users. The computer application reminds to change body position during working hours regularly, as well as to perform 5-minutes physical excercises after every hour worked. The furniture is coated with an antibacterial layer killing up to 99,9% of bacteria.

The furniture is highly eco-innovative. The level of toxic formaldehyde content in chipboard has been minimalized to 0,03-0,04 ppm which is close to that from natural wood. Additionally, natural wool absorbing odours and harmful substances has been used in the upholstered elements of the furniture. The level of the power consumption in standby mode was reduced from a typical 1-2 W level to just 0.1 W.

The company is experienced in international cooperation and would like to enter new markets, therefore is looking for partners willing to distribute their products abroad. The details regarding cooperation will be discussed directly with the distributor.

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Advantages and innovations • High level of eco-innovativeness (extremely low emission of formaldehyde - 0,03-0,04 ppm) • Suitable for both, able-bodied and disabled, therefore appropriate for offices hiring wheelchair users • Modern, interesting design awarded in the Good Design Competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Poland • Compatibility with a computer application (it is easy to adjust the desk to the height of a user)

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The company is looking for distributors of furniture for offices specialized in cooperation with demanding clients searching for innovative products of a good design. The details regarding cooperation will be discussed directly with the distributor.