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Company managing a cultural heritage and fine crafts platform is looking to join consortia for Erasmus+ or other relevant funding calls

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A Belgian company with an online platform that brings together and hosts European professionals and other stakeholders in traditional craftsmanship, cultural heritage restoration and fine crafts is looking to join consortia in upcoming Erasmus+ calls or any other funding schemes within their activity areas. The head office in Brussels has proven expertise in the aforementioned areas and aims to be a liaison between all stakeholders. They are looking for a research cooperation agreement.



The Brussels-based Belgian company founded in 2013 operates a platform that gathers European professionals and other stakeholders in the area of traditional craftsmanship, cultural heritage restoration and fine crafts.

Currently the market is fragmented and stakeholders have a hard time getting the word out and reaching interested customers and other actors. The company aims at supporting these professions, creating cross fertilization, raising awareness about the value of knowhow for future cultural heritage and for European economy and to supporting the transmission of skills to future generations as well as to adults.

The action is mainly based on the implementation of the portal which centralizes contents from all the above-mentioned sectors, creating exchanges, collecting, and disseminating information and data for stakeholder's further use. The portal is in 4 languages and plans to cover more European languages to be more accessible to European citizens. It actually presents more than 1600 professionals, most based in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Belgium. They are specialized in the work of wood, metals, ceramic, textile, stone, painting and are connected with the sectors of traditional building, design, interior design, fashion, art, music and restoration.

Other specific sections of the portal are dedicated to present trainings offers in workshops and schools, to highlight specific knowhow and professions, to announce events from the sector, and to storytelling. The platform has a section dedicated to partners in which other stakeholders from the sector can upload directly information concerning their activity and mission.

Associations, foundations, chamber of trades, schools and academies are already using the platform to disseminate information about their activity.

The organisation is looking for a technical cooperation agreement or a research cooperation agreement in order to join an existing consortium in order to further develop the platform content and use their technology and expertise within a project. As a partner in a consortium, the company can provide the following expertise:
• Bringing solutions to microbusinesses of the crafts and restoration sector
• Raising awareness throughout Europe on the value of crafts
• Safeguarding intangible heritage
• Promoting training opportunities for knowledge transfer
• Collecting data and best practices from the sector
• Disseminating and communicating

Types of stakeholder best represented by the platform are European professional craftsmen and restorers, craftsmanship associations, foundations, schools, academies and other training centres, public organisations and players in favor of social inclusion.

Advantages & innovations

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The platform is a liaison between all stakeholders, to collect and share information about professions, techniques, specific knowhow, trainings, job opportunities, best-practices, events related to the sector. As such, it provides a unique opportunity as a one-stop-shop in this market to reach and communicate with and about professionals in craftsmanship and restoration and other stakeholders all around Europe which are providing education and training opportunities, organizing workshops and fairs and participating in the protection of intangible cultural heritage. It is also an advantage for any project that the platform is up and running with active users and constitutes an important network. The platform is complementary to local initiatives carried by foundations and associations as it creates a transversal view, facilitate mobility and helps the public to have a larger vision on opportunities, all a-over Europe. Access to professionals is made easy for users thanks to a multilingual search engine based on several criteria : profession, area, product, material, location. All professional presented by the portal are selected according to specific criteria : experience, handling the work from beginning to end, producing in Europe, working in small structures. The platform is an affordable, easy to use tool for professionals with low expertise in digital technologies. It is a reliable source of talent for private consumers, architects, designers, antic dealers, retailers and historic building curators.

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Partners and coordinators that are currently involved in or thinking to form consortia for Erasmus+, future Horizon Europe Cluster 2 calls or any other relevant financing schemes. Organisations with EU funding and project experience that are active in in the area of traditional craftsmanship, cultural heritage restoration and fine crafts, or need partners that can provide such services.