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Company operating in Turkey, focusing on cloud-based remote management technologies for water and energy management of large-scale or micro-scale water control management offers solutions for projects

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The company, which was established in 2017, produces water management software and software-compatible panel systems. They only work on water management systems. The company is looking for a trade agreement.



The company's product consists of Cloud Based Water Control and Monitoring software. It provides an accessible interface with web and mobile applications. Cloud-based water control software is designed to easily manage large volumes and complex water transfer systems. Cloud-based water control software communicates with water control field devices and displays information on the field and allows intervention. You can connect and manage your field devices without a water control system with the cloud-based water control software. The company's pump control systems have been developed for the control of pumps in wells or pumping stations. It provides a smart pump control with the data collected from the sensors and measuring devices at the station. Pump control systems devices can communicate with other pump control devices for fully automatic control. The status of the system can be monitored with cloud-based water management software and intervened if necessary. The company is looking for a commercial agency agreement.

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- The company specializes in water management and only works on this area - Thus, they provides professional services in a specialized area - Water control software system offers smart, innovative solutions - The company's product saves energy and water - The company's product offers access via the web, android and IOS - The company's product offers Excel, PDF and PNG output support

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The company wants to work with companies that have experience in automation

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Already on the market

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The company wants to work with companies that have experience in automation. They are looking for a commercial agency agreement.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,>500


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