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Company producing innovative portable energy systems that operate with water is looking for distribution services.

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A Greek manufacturer of portable systems of electric energy that are powered by water is located in the region of Heraklion, Crete, Greece. The company is specialized in the production of emergency/rescue flashlights that do not operate with an electrical power source but with water (i.e. no batteries needed). With a view to expand its distribution network further, the company is looking for new partners based on a distribution services agreement.



The battery-producing business was founded in 2016 and is located on the island of Crete Greece.

The company uses an innovative technology to produce portable energy lighting systems that operate with water for any usage, indoors or outdoors.

They design, produce and distribute 3 different models of flashlights for any emergencies where portable lighting is necessary.

Their ambition is to make big power banks of energy for areas that have serious issues regarding a lack of power, but also to develop systems for big appliances such as house lighting etc.

The R&D team aims to create environmentally friendly energy.
The company is willing to develop its presence worldwide, as its products are useful for houses but also for every kind of situation (outdoor activities, fire stations, shelters, tunnels etc.).

There are no direct competitors on the market since, so far, this is the only technology that can be recharged by wetting in water and that does not require any electrical sources of energy to recharge.

Wholesale distributors in the sector of firefighting equipment but also in other outdoor sectors are sought for a distribution services agreement.

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The company’s autonomous emergency/rescue flashlight is the only flashlight designed for emergency situations that does not need batteries or any other external device for charging, as it operates with water or any other liquid. The cell inside the flashlight is made of a specific anode which, in combination with the method of the cell’s overall construction, gives it the ability to operate for many continuous hours with one wetting. This power can be stored for a long time, even when the cells have thoroughly dried out. The company’s technology and products are environmentally friendly, as they are produced using recycled raw materials. • Safety: No toxins or chemicals used • Comfort: Very lightweight • Portable: Operates with water or any other liquid • Easy / Quick activation: 5 sec activation

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The company is looking to establish a distribution agreement with wholesalers that are well-established in the firefighting equipment market and sell to retailers. Wholesalers in the market of outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, camping etc. are also sought since they too are players in the firefighting equipment sector. Ideal partners would be those interested in adding an innovative autonomous emergency flashlight (appropriate for all emergencies) to their current range.

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