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Company from Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina producer of organic essential oils and hydrolates is looking for distributors or agents to represent its products on the international market

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Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products
Growing of spices, aromatic, drug and pharmaceutical crops


The producer and processor of medicinal, aromatic and herbal plants from Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, specializing in the production of essential oils, hydrolates and essential oils extracts is looking for trade intermediaries for representing its products on the international market.



The company is specialized in the production of essential oils that are processed from native plants:
- Juniper (Juniperus cummunis),
- White pine (Pinus sylvestris),
- Black pine (Pinus nigra) and
- Abies alba.
They make packages according to customer from 10ml to 20l. The plants that are used for the production are collected and hand-picked. The company, which is family owned, is on the market since 2001 and has all the necessary equipment and expertise for processing plants and production of the final products.
The company products are not sufficiently represented on the international market and they are looking for long-term cooperation in order to be adequately represented
abroad. The company is looking for commercial agency or distribution services agreement with reliable and long lasting partners. Target groups for their products are supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty shops and other consumers of this type of products. The expected result of the cooperation would be increasing the sales and turnover on the international market.

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Company produce pure essential oils, from carefully selected herbs from untouched parts of nature more than 1000 meters above sea level. Essential oils are of exceptional high quality due to the unique climatic and geographical conditions of their native environment. These plants grow under such harsh conditions and are hand-picked with respect to seasonally appropriate periods for each plant.

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Company is interested in cooperation with international partners in order to represent and distribute its products on the international market, in a form of commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. They are primarily interested in cooperation with trade intermediaries with experience in this sector (distributors or commercial agents), who could assist them in seeking out clients (wholesalers or retailers) on international market.