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A company from Ukraine is looking for distribution partners to spread and promote a natural cosmetic

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Health and beauty aids
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The Ukrainian company is a manufacturer of registered and certified cosmetics products such as creams and lotions for face and body, masks, scrubs, etc. The company has done its own research and development and is producing unique products, such as antibacterial hand sanitizer. The company is offering a distribution agreement.



The SME from Ukraine is specialised in the production of cosmetics. The company is located in Lviv - north-west part of the country. The owner of the company has been passionate about natural cosmetics, his passion has been turned into a business. The company’s products can be used for both personal use and for professional use, such as SPAs, balneary clinics etc.

The company's catalog includes the next product range:
- for face: scrub, cream, serum, mask, tonic, for eyebrows, lips and eyelashes;
- for body: shower gel, cream soap, soap with vegetable complex, body cream etc;
- foam, milk and bombs for taking a bath;
- for heir: shampoo, conditioner and masks;
- antiseptic: antibacterial hand sanitizer.

The portfolio comprises a wide range of professional products, face care and body care cosmetics dedicated for cosmetic shops, perfumeries, SPA, beauty salons and wellness salons, aesthetic medicine centres, pharmacies as well as retail cosmetics for home use. All cosmetics are made in own production site in Ukraine. The company hires well-qualified technologists as well as safety assesor (quality manager).

Therefore the company is looking for distributors to expand their activities abroad. The potential partner can operate in any country. The potential partner should have knowledge of - and be active in - the cosmetics industry. They should have a relevant network in retail of cosmetics, via beauty salons, retail stores, own stores, etc. The company will provide all the necessary marketing material in English. The company offers a distribution services agreement.

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- 95% natural ingredients to a minimum in the finished product. - Without synthetic silicones (non-biodegradable) synthetic fragrances, dyes and synthetic pigments. - Strong scientific background, well-established contacts with research institutes, universities. - Good connections to suppliers of raw materials. - Without too powerful conservative is to say, destroying the naturally protective skin flora or deemed to be allergenic. - No non-renewable raw materials such as mineral oils, paraffinum liquidum, which are residues from petrochemicals. - No ingredients obtained by non-environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and raw materials assuming an animal death.

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Already on the market

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The Ukrainian company requires distributors with experience and contacts in the industry of beauty and cosmetics. The company is expecting to find new distribution channels in EU countries. The company is open to distribution agreements with partners already engaged in the beauty sector, but it is also open to small, dynamic and young partners with contacts in the sector and strong motivation.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500