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A company from Ukraine is looking for manufacturing agreement to produce glass bottles

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Packing products and systems
Manufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware


The Ukrainian company is involved in the production of glass bottles that are used for spill beer, juices, wines, mineral water and carbonated drinks. The company wants to expand its sales markets and is looking for a manufacturing agreement.



The SME from Ukraine is a modern hi-tech company with the European business approach to the production of a wide range of high-quality glass bottles. Being one of the industry leaders in Ukraine, the company's total capacity is equal to 560 tons of glass a day, focusing on the production of flint and colored glass containers for beer, alcoholic beverage, wine, soft drinks and canning industries.

The SME's products portfolio include a wide range of high-quality glass containers:
- jars (capacity from 195 ml to 4250 ml);
- beer & wine (from 0,33 l to 0,75 l);
- spirits (from 200 ml to 500ml).

To ensure the highest production quality control standards, the Quality Management System ISO 9001 has been certified and implemented at the plant as well as the enterprise monitoring system «IQ SCAN» a highly efficient digital glass production control system, allowing to collect data and control the process at all stages of glass production.

Integrated quality management system and safety packaging materials has been introduced at company, according to the requirements of FSSC 22000 certification scheme and the ISO 9001 international standard . FSSC 22000 certification scheme includes the requirements of ISO 22 000 standard (HACCP) as well as the pre-requisite programs specifically designed for food packaging producers set out in ISO/TS 22002-4.

The company is looking for producers of glass bottled drinks or juices producers who are interested in purchasing the high-quality glass containers under manufacturing agreement.

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- It performs and follows all the requirements of the SME's customers on mutually beneficial terms. - The SME implements and keeps to legal provisions of the environmental standards and production regulations to combat environmental pollution. - It meets the requirements and continually improves the effectiveness of the system in accordance with ISO 9001 as well as the other specific international standards for particular glass product types. - An individual approach to each client. - Quality of services and skilled staff. - Corporate social responsibility.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for producers of wines or glass bottled water, mineral water (with gas without) as well as producers of juices who are interested to order from the Ukrainian company glass bottles and purchase the company's products under manufacturing agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500