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Complete app tool for mobile journalism

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A Spanish ICT company has developed a complete app tool for mobile journalism that allows the user (journalist, media, witnesses,…) to record and make high quality audiovisual pieces, ready to be broadcasted, in very fast and easy way by using just a smartphone. The company is looking for license agreements.



Mobile journalism is a new international trend. In fact, more and more media and information professionals are taking advantage of it, because it allows to get quicker to the audience. Nevertheless, since it is a new trend, the tools to carry out this new kind of journalism are not very developed yet. In fact, different independent app tools have to be used (camera app, editing tool,...) to produce an audiovisual piece with the minimum quality.

In this context, the Spanish company has developed an app tool specially designed for mobile journalism. It is a complete suite for media, professional journalists, and witnesses that offers the possibility to make audiovisual professional pieces faster and with high quality through smartphones without losing the brand’s identity.

The tool integrates functionalities such as camera, editing tool and sending tool in one app.

-Advanced recording camera which includes all the professional features such as sensitivity, WB (White Balance), metering for shutter speed and aperture, zoom, flash, filters, …

-Edit Room: It allows to organize the clips on the timeline to get the video edited according to the user preferences:

•Order clips

-Accurate tools:

•Frame-by-frame accuracy
•Different options for precision level
•Simple interface
•Creations control

-Locution and music: The journalist can voiceover a video and showing the same time different audiovisual resources:

•Customizable music
•Default creative commons music
•Locution recording
•Sound balance

-Texting and graphics: The text layer on video news nowadays is trendy and effective, because it attracts the viewer’s attention:

•Tool for adding text to videos
•3 positions for texting a graphics
•Easy to edit
•Fast and intuitive

-Integrated tool for sending the piece and sharing it.

The Spanish company is looking for international ICT integrators (mainly broadcasters or news agencies) within the mobile sector willing to cooperate under license agreement. The objective is to get the product commercialised within a defined area.

Advantages & innovations

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-This is the only integral solution for professional mobile journalism that is available for iOS and Android. -Normally, mobile journalism is carried out using different apps: A camera tool for recording, a tool for edition and another one for sending the information (like WeTransfer for example). On the other hand the solution developed by the Spanish company integrates in one app all the required functionalities for professional mobile journalism. -It enables journalists to have access to all the necessary steps and tools needed to publish a piece of news. -It increases the amount of audiovisual material to engage the audience. -Journalist can remain on top of the news and get closer to their audience by allowing them to record on their behalf while keeping their brand identity. Then, the content can be directly sent to their servers all through the app.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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The Spanish company is currently looking to expand its international network of partners through license agreements with ICT integrators with experience in mobile apps and with a good network of contacts within the audiovisual communications sector. The role of the partner sought is to commercialise this solution within a designed area to potential clients such as broadcasters or news agencies.