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A complete sustainability rating to guide European SMEs forward economic growth with environmental and social impact

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An Italian start-up has developed a platform to evaluate SMEs wishing to base their growth on environmental and social sustainability. The online assessment offers a performance comparison with other companies, providing also guidance on how to improve and solve the problems. The ideal partners are interested in: - technical cooperation agreement for opening the platform in their own country - commercial agreement with technical assistance to promote the tool use - financial agreement.



An Italian start-up has been established with the aim to develop the first complete reference platform for European SMEs wishing to base their economic growth on social and environmental sustainability. Through the on-line assessment, the platform provide a concrete tool that supports companies in their sustainable growth step by step, with measuring, improving and monitoring actions.
The measure of the company’s sustainability is given by a score, rating from 0 to 100, obtained combining dynamically 10 different dimensions of sustainability: Transparency, Waste management, Energy, Environment, Professional ethics, Mobility, Health and safety, Value chain, Economics, Social responsibility.
The tool provides companies the measurement of sustainability performances across over 60 different standards, like SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), GRI (Globally Responsible Initiative), ISO as well as EU 2020-2030-2050 frameworks and compliances.
The score allows the company to compare its own performances with other companies in the same size/industrial sector, clearly indicating how far it is from the excellence.
Aiming to guide the performance improvement, beside the score a personalised report is automatically generated, with detailed suggestions on how to solve the specific problems. The over 25 pages report collects the analysis results and operational proposals divided in 10 sections like: Highlighting vulnerabilities, avoiding business and legal risks, education on European frameworks and sustainability, short, middle and long-term practical suggestions and implementations.
Once a company gets its score, the open-source algorithm will keep updating its core dynamically, advising the company when something needs to be updated or done (for example if the scientific research or the European directives evolve).
With the aim of promoting and facilitate the dissemination of the platform use, the Italian company is looking for partners wishing to cooperate under:
- technical cooperation agreement with scientific/technical partners able to give a contribute in the platform adapting and updating activities, and interested in opening the platform in their own country;
- commercial agreement with technical assistance, with public/private organisations, corporate brands, associations who want to promote the platform use and integrate the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) rating logic into their supply chain performance and/or in the tendering process;
- financial agreement with investors interested in supporting innovative sustainable companies and differentiating their portfolio of sustainable business initiatives.

Advantages & innovations

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The main advantages and innovations of the platform are the following: - it offers a digital audit that allows any SME to perform a complete sustainability evaluation in less than 2 hours; - the platform is powered by an algorithm that cross-checks compliance, fraud-detection and generates several not-financial performance indicators, supporting companies through getting aligned with multiple standards at the same time; - the assessment goes beyond certifications: it’s not a static photo of a company, and it’s possible to be always in line with the regulatory, economic and scientific context in a very short period of time; - no dedicated consultant is required; - it provides an ESG (Environmental Social Governance) open-standard created by a crowdsourcing scientific committee; - the assessment is based on over 60 different standards: • EU 2020-2030-2050 frameworks, like 2030 Energy Strategy, Circular Economy Action Plan, Green Public Procurement; • 10 ISO compliances, for example 9001 – Quality Management, 14001 – Environmental Management System, 26000 – Social Responsibility; • 13 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), such as 3 – Good Health and Well-being, 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy, 11 – Sustainable cities and communities; • 23 GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards, among whom 302 – Energy, 303 – Water, 304 – Biodiversity, 305 – Emission, 306 – Effluents • and waste, 307 –Environmental compliance; and furthermore OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Kyoto Protocol, ILO (International Labour Organization), UN Global Compact standards.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The new partners sought can be: - scientific/technical organisations, interested in supporting the platform opening in their own country and collaborating in the platform adaptation and updating, within technical cooperation agreement; - public/private organisations, corporate brands, associations wishing to promote the platform use and evaluate their supplier performance using the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) rating tool, within commercial agreement with technical assistance; - investors who want to support innovative sustainable companies and sustainable business initiatives with financial agreement.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500