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Computer vision solutions for application in pig farms

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A small Latvian electronics and ICT company offers advanced computer vision solutions for application in pig farms. The company offers thermal imaging and computer vision for identification of sick piglets and measurement of pig’s weight from a distance using camera video streams. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.



In the past few decades, computer vision inspection systems have become important tools in husbandry operations and their use has greatly increased. Intelligent systems based on computer vision algorithms are becoming a common part of husbandry production management, and computer vision-based automation technology is increasingly used in husbandry to increase productivity and efficiency.
A small Latvian electronics and ICT company with extensive know-how in implementation of neural networks in various environments, computer vision and machine learning has developed advanced computer vision solutions for utilization in husbandry and agriculture.
The company offers thermal imaging and computer vision solution for identification sick piglets. By using thermal cameras and computer vision algorithms it's possible to track the change in a piglet's temperature. That allows to identify any piglets that are getting sick way before a person would be able to tell. It is quite crucial for pig owners, as piglets experience high mortality rates. The solution reduces the response time of the pig farm staff from several hours to 5-7 minutes by accurately measuring the temperature of ~0.3 degrees Celsius with a thermal imaging camera.
The company has also developed the measurement solution of pig weight from a distance by using regular camera video streams. Non-invasive remote weighing allows daily control of animal weight gain without stress and human involvement. It’s stressful and quite impossible to keep track of the weight of 100s of pigs in a farm. Especially useful, as the user can identify the best moment when to slaughter a pig to acquire the most meat.
The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance to pig farmers.

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The computer vision solutions have following advantages and innovations: a) mastered algorithms for a broad spectrum for big data analysis that provides identification the first signs of pig sickness – increase in temperature, oppression, deviation from the normal physiological state. b) special artificial intelligence algorithms for a broad spectrum of video streams. The images obtained from the camera provides detection of animals; measurement of the size of animals; calculation the mass according to size and rock; monitoring daily data and calculation of the total weight if animals in the machine.

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Type of the partner – pig farmers. Role of the partner – implementation of advanced and tailor-made computer vision solutions in their farms.

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