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Container based energy storage system for stabilising voltage supplies offered by a Hungarian innovative SME for distribution or potentially for licence agreement

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Solar/Thermal energy
Wind energy
Distributed power and grid connection
Energy Storage


A Hungarian innovative company is offering a system that is suitable for generating electricity day and night by utilizing both wind and solar energy. The developer company is looking for potential partners interested in distributing and commercial agency partnership. In case of a strong partner, there is a possibility for licensing as well.



A Hungarian innovative company is offering a decentralised renewable energy system with short installation time and a more economical and effective power production with a low environmental footprint. Thanks to the special structure, the system can be expanded upgraded with more solar panels. The system is able to work as a full off-grid system while the same time it also can act as a power supply. The large battery banks are especially excellent supplementaries for power plants and for large manufacturing factories or workshops. In case of a strong partner there is a possibility for licensing (by selling the secret know-how).

The system consists of three different technology that complement each other.

The „black” solar panels can utilize the shine of the rising and setting sun with impressive effectiveness. This solar panel is made of copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) instead of crystalline silicon. Under harsh circumstances like filtered light, shaded areas or high temperature it is definitely more efficient than traditional panels. Other solar panels and solar collectors lose their efficiency because of the dust it collects on itself. Thanks to its nano-layer technology the panels are self-cleaning, which means the dust will not stick to its surface, they do not need maintenance/cleaning.
(Regarding CIGS it is a different technology from the one with the polycrystal, so it is operating in a different way with different parameters. In general it is a more effective technology compared with the polycrystal technology.)

The "vertical axis wind generator" is virtually noiseless and its cut off speed is at 1 m/sec. It can generate electricity at a very low (2,5 m/sec.) wind speed. The equipment reaches its rated speed at 8-10 m/sec. The system should not be stopped in case of a storm. The system virtually is maintenance-free and can be installed quickly and cheap. There is no waste of efficiency during the whole lifetime. When the wind speed reaches the critical level, an automatic electronic brake is activated which prevents shaft rotation from speeding up. The turbine rotates at its constant maximum speed producing maximum power. The highest measured wind speed was 140 km/h.

The special designed lithium-battery pack with an in-house developed intelligent BMS system. (Regarding BMS: A battery management system (BMS) is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack), such as by protecting the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, controlling its environment, authenticating it and / or balancing it.) The system can handle a minimum storage capacity of 20 Kw and a maximum of 500 MW/unit. It is an intelligent, unique control system that helps to charge the batteries with saving battery life (“peak” method) the result is an extremely long lifetime (min. 30 years). It can tolerate the extreme high temperature and big temperature differences very well (from -40 to +80 Celsius) thus it is adaptable to every geographical need.

The system operates fully automatically, the operation of the system can be continuously checked by smart devices.

The technology owner company is interested in finding a distributor in order to distribute its product system abroad or a or a commercial agent to represent the client abroad. The SME is also open for licencing with a strong partner in a longer run. The developer company is the owner of the technology.

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• Low investment cost • Efficient and safe • Short installation time • The system can be expanded as required • It works under 40 dB (in line with the German regulations) • It can work as an off-grid and also as an on-grid system • The system doesn't require constant human maintenance • It can be transported anytime, installed anywhere and rented or leased • It has no negative impact on the ecosystem • Adaptable directly for green energy storage (wind, sun, water, steam) • It is able to charge from direct current • Small size and high performance • Can be adapted for individual needs • Can store high volume of energy from power plants (water, steam, gas)

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The Hungarian technology owner is looking for potential partners, who are interested in purchasing and distributing the system. The company is mainly looking for distributors, who can offer this technology for their business contacts at their region. Also open for co-operation with a commercial agent who is willing to represent the Hungarian company's products abroad. From the distributor companies the technology owner company expects to promote and sell the technology to their clients, partners and business contacts. They will have to do the maintenance tasks. Later, if this cooperation is getting more successful and more continuous a license agreement could be made by selling the know-how with a low royalty. These potential companies should be in connection with small communities, disaster areas, eco-houses, electric vehicle charging stations. The companies can be government organizations, NGO-s and for-profit organizations as well. The technology owner company is mostly interested in environment-friendly companies with a focus on renewable energy, wind, solar and thermal energy, electric energy storage and even electric and hybrid car manufacturers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250