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Cooperation for developing cybersecurity and financial products

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Archivistics/Documentation/Technical Documentation
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
Smart Appliances
Operation Planning and Scheduler System
Local area networks
Data processing, analysis and input services
Databases and on-line information services


Spanish company, experienced in bespoke development with big data, cloud-native architectures (containers, microservices, etc), internet of things and artificial intelligence technologies, seeks partners interested in co-creation of new products for vertical markets, especially in cyber security and financial sector under joint venture or research cooperation agreement.



Spanish information technology (IT) consultancy, specialized in bespoke software development and systems integration, develops projects for the following sectors: finance, insurance, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing and public authorities. Since the company creation, their concern is to deliver the best product in terms of software quality and time.

Among others technologies, it is in:
• Big data: hadoop, spark, elasticsearch, logstash y kibana (ELK).
• Cloud-native architectures: microservices, containers.
• Artificial intelligence: machine learning, deep learning.
• Deployment automation: ansible, vagrant, docker.

The company has successfully experience in launching software as a service (SaaS) platforms for the international market through a joint venture with a partner of the energy sector.

The cooperation will consist in creating new products or services under a joint venture or a research agreement. Partner sought are companies or research institutions specialized in functional definition of business and markets, with commercial capacity and marketing support.

The preferred markets to create new products are the financial and the cybersecurity sector but they are open to discuss any potential opportunity in another markets.

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The company has 15 years of experience - Experience launching products to international markets under joint ventures - Capacity to build complex and reliable solutions for the most demanding markets - Consolidated and high performance agile teams. Very stable teams with a very low employee turnover rate. - High innovation capacity - Proven experience in big data, artificial intelligence and cloud-native architectures.

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- Type of partner sought: Industries, research organization - Activity of the partner searched: Banking, financial sector, cybersecurity, etc. - Tasks to be performed: Functional definition, business requirements, market knowledge, commercial capacity and marketing support

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R&D Institution,SME 51-250