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Cosmeceuticals, based on Pythium oligandrum reducing more than 40 fungi on skin and nails, are offered for distribution.

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A Czech biotech company developed biological preparation based on microorganism that reduces more than 40 mycotic fungi affecting skin or nails. The microorganism, after reducing a fungi, it disappears without side-effects. The company utilized it in development of the set of cosmeceuticals, designed for various parts of the body. They seek distributors supplying to medicine and cosmetic industries to sign distribution services agreements.



Skin fungal diseases represent a persistent problem in today’s society. Fungal infection can be transmitted by a direct contact between sick and healthy persons, but also through objects, infected by the sick person. Increased occurrence of fungal diseases is reported among young, older and immunocompromised people. Another distinctive group form pet owners who are in daily contact with animals.

Treatment of dermatological diseases is often difficult and lengthy. Classic chemicals-based antimycotic treatments often produce side-effects, mostly in a form of allergic skin reactions, occasionally may commit liver and kidneys damages.

What´s more, dermatophytes, the source of various skin diseases, may become resistant to applied doses one day and that, from time to time, leads to increase of dosage levels. Obviously, such experiences induce intensive search for more human-friendlier, non-chemical solutions.

New solution
Research and development of the new solution in the Czech company started some 20 years ago actually. Company research has been focused primarily on foot mycosis and nail infections and there was intention to develop new, less aggressive solution that either maintain or even surpass efficiency level of their chemical counterparts.

The novel biological preparation suits the trend. Microorganism Pythium oligandrum is a strong myco-parasite that uses other fungi and yeast for its own nutrition while it does not interact with “fair” microflora of the human host. More concretely, during its life, Pythium oligandrum produces moving zoospores that actively seek parasitic, disease causing, fungi. As soon as, there is nothing available for feeding, Pythium oligandrum forms oospores and leaves human skin ambience as it is unable to survive under its physiological conditions.

So far, the solution has been successfully tested against more than 40 fungi, the list of tests and summary of results is available upon request.

The company designed set of cosmeceuticals intended to care for various parts of the body that are manufactured in a form of powder or oitment or cream:
- Foot and nails
- Hands and nails
- Skin
- Teeth and oral cavity
- Intimate part

Distributors supplying cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets and beauty shops are sought.

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- Eliminates fungi from skin, feet and nails - Natural Product - No side-effects - No resistance - Age flexibility - Safe for immunocompromised and sensitive individuals - Cannot be overdosed - Suitable for humans or animals susceptible to fungal, yeast, or bacterial disease

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Distributors supplying cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets and beauty shops are sought.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500