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COVID-19: Chinese manufacturer of ultra-fast SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kits seeks distribution and agents in Europe

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Founded in 2008, the Chinese company is an integrated solution provider with independent innovation of molecular diagnosis and gene technology. With SARS-CoV2 accurate and sensitive PCR test kits and instruments, this company is looking for partners in EU for their molecular diagnostic solution. The cooperation can be distribution agreement or commercial agency agreement.



The Chinese company is the earliest company who provides SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kit based on PCR-Fluorescence Probing technology, which includes extraction and amplification reagents. It is designed to detect two targets of SARS-CoV-2 (ORF1ab and N gene).

In order to offer rapid test solution for SARS-CoV-2, the company independently developed fully automated nucleic acid extraction systems, portable molecule workstation (POCT) and real-time PCR, etc. and it also provides more than 2,200 types of testing services. Its solution has been serving more than 2,000 bench-marking medical institutions in China.

Further, the company's products and services covers molecular diagnostic reagents, nucleic acid diagnostic instruments, PCR laboratory solutions and Independent Clinical Laboratories (ICL) services.

To expand their market, the company is looking for partners in EU, the cooperation can be distribution agreement and commercial agency agreement.

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Its SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kit features an endogenous human housekeeping gene for the control of false-negative result. With patented one-tube technology, the extraction is superfast. And the sensitivity is 200 copies / mL. The company has obtained certificates of FDA EUA, CE, NMPA of China, ANVISA of Brazil for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kit. The company has already exported more than 60 million SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests globally. In France, Serbia, Turkey, UAE, Bangladesh and the Philippines, this company has become the tier-1 solution provider. Besides SARS-CoV2 test solutions, it provides more than 300 reagents covering different areas related to infectious disease prevention and control, cancer prevention and control, maternal and children’s health, blood screening, chronic disease management etc., for instance, the viral hepatitis diagnosis, HPV diagnosis, STDs combination test, respiratory tract combination test etc.

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The company is seeking business partners in order to build permanent distribution channels in Europe in the field of molecular diagnostics. Considering partnership types could be Commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. The potential partner is expected to be able to directly distribute the products locally. If the distributor has capability to promote the brand and offer excellent service, it would be appreciated.


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