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COVID-19: A comprehensive platform for contract research laboratory services bundled with cutting-edge bioinformatics for cancer and antiviral drug efficacy screening, biomarker discovery and patient stratification

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In vitro Testing, Trials
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A UK company has extensive knowledge of pre/clinical drug efficacy screening experiments, vast omics datasets and bioinformatics, supporting discovery and validation of various links in oncology. Laboratory experiments bundled with cloud-based bioinformatics and novel patient data are on offer. Companies and consultants who need cancer or antivirals' research or clinical decision support for treatment personalisation are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.



An East of England based company has developed a genomic platform to improve cancer treatment outcomes through advanced genetic screening technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has created the necessity to rapidly develop and adapt new genomic products/services to accelerate research efforts. In light of this, the company has developed and validated the following products in record time:
- SARS-CoV-2: Sequencing and characterisation (from sample to sequencing and bundled bioinformatics analysis)
- Vaccine efficacy prediction: T-Cell/B-Cell Receptor Sequencing and integrated analytics
- Evaluation of molecular drug targets and biomarkers using the bioinformatics workflows
These products are available effective immediately.
For cancer patients, it aids in selecting the right cancer treatments and predicts the risk of relapse, comparing patients’ gene markers against an oncology knowledgebase of over 1200 gene-based cancer therapies. For biopharmaceutical research, the company offers product bundles of laboratory experiments and bioinformatics.

The products include:

Pre-clinical drug screening
- Pre/clinical drug sensitivity screening (laboratory experiments using cell lines or animal models) with bioinformatics as a bundled product. The bioinformatics part includes study design and discovery analytics after generating the results. Thousands of publicly available cell banks (including CCLE (Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia) and ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) and proprietary cell lines offer a wide variety to design the ideal drug screening experiments.

Biomarker analytics
- The platform offers 300+ multi-omic analytics workflows that are validated in 10,000+ patients in Cambridge. Genome analytics for biomarker validation includes DNA/RNA-Seq data from next-gen sequencing (whole genomes, exomes and gene panels), SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) / microarrays, and other technologies. Proteomic mass spectrometry is also offered as part of the standard analytics package;
- Sequencing services, SNP genotyping, mass spectrometry, and other technologies are also offered through central laboratories either separately or bundled with other products.

Genetics-aided clinical trials
- The Platform’s biomarker workflows offer clinical trial design, patient selection, and response stratification in oncology;
- These workflows aid in the selection of biomarkers and their ideal thresholds for patient selection.

Access to Novel Clinical-Genomic data
- The platform has access to a network of hospitals and patient data with required consent to be used in clinical R&D. Customers may request access to data for their R&D projects or engage the company to collect novel data;
- The data collection and distribution follows global standards for data security and ethics. The costs will be determined based on the project’s needs.

Hospitals, Central Diagnostic Labs
For hospitals and diagnostic labs, the platform offers genetics-aided clinical decision support in oncology.
- The Platform’s ready-to-use workflows could help generate clinical diagnostic reports for cancer treatment selection and relapse/response assessment;
- Internal genomic data (e.g., gene panels or exomes) or central sequencing labs;
- 1200+ genetics-aided therapy options for determining positive or adverse response and the probability of relapse, prior to and during the treatment.

The company now seeks Biopharma companies and healthcare consultants for commercial agreements with technical assistance. The platform’s data analytics supplements its customers’ in-house bioinformatics expertise by freeing up their time for exploratory research and minimising their effort on routine analysis.
The platform is well suited for new knowledge discovery. The partners’ and/or UK databases can be combined and the UK company will assist with experiment design and data analysis.

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The platform’s data analytics supplements its customers’ in-house bioinformatics expertise by freeing up their time for exploratory research and minimising their effort on routine analysis. The sheer number of datasets and analytics workflows accessed by the UK company fills many gaps in the state of the art.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner sought: biopharma industry and healthcare providers. Specific activity of partner sought: oncology. Role of partner sought: non-confidential descriptions of problems encountered are welcome. Jointly, plans can be made around combining the partners’ and the existing UK data, and designing approaches to problem solving.

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500