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COVID-19: French SME offers 'stop spit' face protection device for distribution or commercial agency

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A French SME in the plastic industry specialized in smart and environmentally friendly plastic products has developed new equipment to protect citizens and employees against Covid-19 contamination. It's neither a face filtrating mask nor a visor but a spit protection screen keeping a minimum social dimension thanks to transparency and recyclability. The SME is looking for distributors or commercial agents.



This French SME is a very innovative enterprise in the plastic industry developing and producing soft PVC smart products for various industries including healthcare. Thanks to its innovation management approach, it has been able to quickly develop and bring into production a new equipment to protect citizens, workers or healthcare professionals against Covid-19 contamination.

This new device is neither a face filtrating mask, nor a simple visor such as those which have appeared on the market recently, but a real spit protection which can be worn alone or above a filtrating mask.

The stop spit device is made of 100% recyclable phtalate free soft vinyl materials. It fully complies with REACH regulations. It's the same material used for blood or perfusion pockets in the medical sector.

The material soft textures makes it easy to shape the bearer's face without sticking, thus ensuring comfort

The company is looking for
- distribution agreements with retail sector in particular DIY retail for the general public
- commercial agency or distribution agreements with sales intermediaries targeting professionals in particular in the healthcare sector

Advantages & innovations

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- Environmentally friendly : recyclable, phtalate free. Complying with REACH. - Comfortable to wear : EN71-3 (skin compliance), light weight - Transparent : your contacts may see your face, read on your lips - Reusable : up to 30 washing process - 100% impermeable to droplets - Customizable : the company has a long experience in colour serigraphy on plastic and is able to customize the equipment (for instance with a logo or a company name) - Adaptable to children - Low price The company is already producing products such as smart cases for pharmaceutical sector

Stage of development

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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Type 1 : Retail company in the DIY sector Role 1 : distribute the equipment to the general public Type 2 : Commercial agents specialized in protection devices in particular for the healthcare sector or distributors for professionals Role 2 : selling / distributing the product

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Stop Spit Screen (ESP)