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COVID-19 : North of England SME who are designers and manufacturers of workplace virus management systems are seeking partners via a distribution services agreement

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North of England based SME who design and manufacture automatic innovative high quality hand sanitisation equipment that can be used in all public environments, indoors and outdoors is seeking to find global partners in the frame of a distribution services agreement.



A small SME has addressed the issues of cross contamination of infection through poor hygiene when a person does not cleanse hands thoroughly on entry to any public or workspace environment. The products are designed and manufactured in house by UK leading engineers. They have undergone rigorous testing and have CE certification. This is an anti -virus entry system which breaks the chain of infection when linked to access control systems. These products are adaptable and robust and can be used in a wide variety of environments including shopping centres, healthcare, construction, schools, horticulture, livestock farming, children’s playgrounds, commercial and front of house, real estate agents , manufacturing , food processing , factories and hospitality. Individuals will only be allowed entry if their hands have been thoroughly cleansed with the automatic touch free hand sanitiser. The units provide lockable storage for up to 25 litres of sanitiser and this allows for 25,000 doses to be dispensed. Units are available in 5-25 litre sizes and can be wall mounted or free standing, powered by DC or battery meaning they can be installed and operational in minutes.

They are looking to partner with overseas companies who can sell and distribute their innovative hand sanitisation equipment. The potential partner should also have knowledge and expertise in supplying similar or complimentary products in their market. Potential collaboration should be via a distribution services agreement.

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This system instantly cuts the risk of cross contamination, proven also to reduce absenteeism in a work place from 2.2% to 0.5% . Contact less operation so no need to touch the units. Environmentally friendly, no paper towels, plastic bottles and precision dosing ensures less waste. Door entry or turnstile control, meaning that unless the hands are properly sanitised, you cannot gain access to the building or area being protected. Lockable storage of hand sanitiser solution providing security and protection following government statutory guideline of Health and Safety . Low voltage or battery operation means the units can be installed inside or outside and within minutes. Each station sanitises up to 30 people a minute with 5k to 25k dispenses between refills.

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They are looking to partner with overseas companies who can sell and distribute their innovative hand sanitisation equipment. The potential partner should also have knowledge and expertise across a wide range of sectors and applications and already sell complimentary equipment. This collaboration should be in the frame of a distribution services agreement

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