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COVID-19 - A Spanish company has patented an additive that allows post-wash antimicrobial protection and looks for distribution services in European and South American countries

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This Spanish company has patented an antimicrobial and groundbreaking solution to achieve the durability of antimicrobial protection and inhibition in clothes. It is looking for distribution services in European and South American markets.



This company from Spain set up in 2018 brings nanotechnology-base to the domestic, industrial and health sectors with an innovative, intelligent antimicrobial solution to achieve the durability of antimicrobial protection and inhibition to textile after washing for 7 days.
The product is an antimicrobial broad-spectrum protective additive designed to protect and maintain the clothing free of microorganism, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. The product prevents the deposit and growth of any pathogen in any textile as Escherichiacoli, Legionella sp, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus niger, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Campylobacter jejuni, Herpes simplex, Norovirus, Rhinovirus, Bird Flu, among others...

The company is interested in finding distributions services through long-term partnership in the sector of detergent manufacturers for industrial use such as laundries for hospitals, laboratories,older centers, from any country of European Union and South America. This collaboration could help much more people to be safe.

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The product has many advantages taking into account its double protection and security after washing. It is the only patented long-lasting protection formulation. It is the only, innovative, intelligent antimicrobial and groundbreaking solution- pioneer to achieve the durability of antimicrobial protection and inhibition after washing for 7 days It guarantees efficient and tested properties in the washing processes. • Increase defense: With a multi-target effect, the cell is attacked on three fronts, eliminating the deposit and proliferation of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms of every garment. • Savings and efficiency: The antimicrobial additive in small dosages reaches large quantities of washed clothes. • Safe: The active principle of silver, approved by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), is encapsulated and released in a controlled and homogeneous way. • Environment: The products uses a derivative of silver, recognized as safe for human contact and the environment. The company has its own patent on its own developed technology to guarantee and certify integral 7-day protection against bacteria, molds.

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This Spanish company is interested in contacting mainly with manufacturers of detergents products for the industrial sector for a long-time partnership in distribution services. Other type of partners the company seeks are companies involved in the laundry sector for hospitals, centres for elderly persons, laboratories, penitentiaries, residences, professional washing centers where its formulation can be used to maintain an integral 7-day protection against bacteria, molds. Market countries are European and South American countries.