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COVID- 19: Spanish health and safety company offers solutions and recognised certification to mitigate Covid-19 impacts on tourism to destination service providers under subcontracting

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Spanish consultancy, a specialist in health, hygiene, safety, remote auditing and training for the global tourism industry, offers an integral ad-hoc solution to support destination suppliers to implement the necessary protocols, in order to ensure a safe hygiene response to the post-Covid-19 period. A recognised certificate of Covid-19 hygiene response can be issued to restore confidence to travellers and tour operators. The partnership agreement is sought in terms of subcontracting.



The Spanish SME in the field of health and safety with experience in areas such as customer satisfaction, sustainability, claims management and services for professional kitchens (amongst others) has a portfolio of more than 600 clients in 22 countries, on over 55 destinations.

The approach of the solutions to mitigate the Covid-19 impacts on tourism encompasses four main areas:

1. Restarting recommendations. Advice and review of key health and safety areas in hotels and other accommodation providers in travel and tourism that have been in lockdown for a period of time.

Following the lockdown period, accommodation providers will need to ensure that all health and safety procedures are in place and are operating correctly. Nonetheless, particular areas will require more attention, such as fire safety, gas safety, food hygiene, water systems, staff policies, pool hygiene and safety, sewage plant treatment and wastewater used for irrigating gardens, laundry and pest control.

2. Covid-19 preventative measures. Specific advice with regards to the prevention or mitigation of the spread of Covid-19 and how to respond in case of suspected or actual cases.

The recommendations and protocols are specifically addressed to prevent or mitigate the potential spread of Covid-19 amongst holidaymakers and staff. These protocols are not new. They have been applied for many years in the prevention of the spread of illness in hotels, cruise ships, and other enclosed environments, and have been proved very effective. The company has included recommendations specific to the current Covid-19 pandemic, integrating WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations and additional advice from the company international panel of experts.

3. Inspection/audit to verify that hotels and other destination suppliers have applied the recommendations and preventative measures correctly.

The inspection serves as a report, highlighting any defective areas where the supplier should take corrective measures. Customised recommendations are given, and a final grade awarded, which will indicate whether required standards are in place. The inspection could be carried out:
a) By means of a physical audit where an expert visits the premises and inspects all areas.
b) By means of a responsible self-assessment questionnaire (RSAQ), in addition to a remote validation procedure.

The company's own technology app will assist with self-assessments and physical audits, and to manage output information. The app is a complete audit and analytics platform.

4. A certification scheme. Certificates will be issued once the establishments achieve the required standard. Hotels and destination suppliers will be able to use this certificate for any promotional campaigns aimed at clients and tour operators. The certificate will be backed up by a transparent declaration of the criteria used and the preventative areas covered. This may be accessed by way of QR codes on the certificates, as well as links on their websites and other promotional channels. This certification will contribute greatly to restoring travellers and tourism industry confidence.

Travellers and holidaymakers will have access to transparent information regarding accommodation and destination suppliers and implemented and verified preventative measures, while contributing to a rapid recovery of the tourism sector.

Focused on the company business growth strategy, the cooperation type envisaged is subcontracting, in order to deliver to the destination service provider a long-term agreement to ensure that all health and safety procedures are in place and operating correctly. In fact, this aspect is particularly relevant due to the Covid-19 global health concerns.

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The solution covers all essential procedures in order to ensure a safe hygiene response to the post-Covid-19 period. The certification is compliant with global and local public health authorities recommendations and industry guidelines: WHO (World Health Organisation), ESGLI (European Study Group for Legionella Infections), HPA (Health Protection Agency), ICTE (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española) and national regulations. The integral set of protocols tackle following aspects addressed to prevent or mitigate the potential spread of Covid-19: - Crisis management team up and running (adequately trained). - General staff training regarding new protocols to prevent spread of the Covid-19 in place. - Internal and external communication plans established. - Control measures for transfers, arrivals and departures prepared. - Early mechanisms for detection of symptoms by both staff and guests in place. - Procedures prepared for a suspected case with a guest or staff member. - Stocks of materials used in the control of infections up to date. - Enhanced procedures for food and beverage, for example enforcing social distancing, implemented. - Enhanced protocols around children facilities followed. - Confinement protocols followed. - Medical support available if needed. - Waste management for potentially infected materials correctly implemented. - An emergency plan designed and can be followed in case of any outbreak Furthermore, the recognised “Certificate of Covid-19 hygiene response” could be used in promotional and marketing campaigns by hoteliers and tour operators, as well as other service providers, to return assurance to tourists and tour operators. The methodology has a quick and easy roll out and is global since the processes have been already tested in other areas of health and safety in many countries, over the course of several years.

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The type of partner sought is a destination service supplier such as hotel groups, hotel associations, tour operators, bed banks, accommodation services providers, as well as other tourism services providers. More specifically the partner is specialised in the hotel industry. The role of the partner will be to implement all necessary protocols (transfer of knowledge) in order to ensure a safe hygiene response to the post-Covid-19 period with the assistance and support of the company by means of a subcontracting agreement.