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Creative nightwear label for young women is looking for a production partner in the frame of a manufacturing agreement

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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Manufacture of underwear
Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories


A new Dutch nightwear label with a newly developed collection for young women is looking for a production partner. The label is a pre-startup and they plan to distribute their brand in 2018. That is the reason why they are looking for production partners based in Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. A manufacturing agreement will be provided.



Two young entrepreneurs, based in the Netherlands, decided to start their own nightwear label. Both entrepreneurs have a good network with agents and retailers in the Dutch market. In 2018 they plan to distribute their collection in the Dutch market, online and in stores. For the moment they are working on the collection 2018.

The new label is a trendy and modern nightwear fashion line for young women. Their target group comprises younger women in the middle segment. They are searching production partners, that can produce 1000 pieces of each item below:

A. Long pants (cotton fabric with (printed) design)
B. T-shirts long sleeve(s) (cotton fabric with design)
C. Short pants (cotton fabric with design)
D. Underpants (cotton fabric with design)
E. Bralette top (nylon plain fabric)
F. Bralette top (spandex fabric)
G. Socks plain (cotton)

They are looking for partners who can:
- Do fabric sourcing, with the possibility to design (new) prints.
- Communicate fluently in English.
The new partner is willing to produce samples.
Besides these the Dutch company wants to invest in a good relationship with the right partners.

The Dutch company offers a manufacturing agreement and is searching for production partners based in Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria.

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The Dutch company is searching for production companies, that can work CMT (cut, made and trimmings) or supply Full Package Production.

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The Dutch company is looking for a manufacturing partner who can produce nightwear clothing in Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. The potential partner: - Has acceptable conditions for their workers. - Is able to source fabrics. The proposed type of collaboration to suitable partners is a manufacturing agreement.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250


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Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey