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A Croatian company offers interactive visualizations expertise through outsourcing, services or subcontracting agreements

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A Croatian company for marketing communications and multimedia production offers interactive visualizations services which can be used for training, virtual tours, simulations, education etc. The company offers their services through outsourcing, services agreements or subcontracting.



A Croatian company for marketing communications and multimedia production with more than 25 years of experience in creating interactive visualizations offers their services.

In today’s world visualization is widely used in different business sectors, usually for clear and direct presentation of ideas to partners or customers using photographs, graphs or animations. With this idea in mind, after two years of research and development, company has created a new technique of visualization.

With this interactive visualization technology, the company puts an emphasis on the user experience. Users can experience the virtual world first hand, move through the world (walk, drive, fly, etc.) and interact with the environment.

The area of application is wide: virtual tours, simulations, training, education, sales etc.

Company’s visualisations technology contains the following components:
- moving through visualization
- interaction with objects around
- complete 3D environment (including ground and water)
- photorealistic graphics
- physics (Ageia PhysX™)
- dynamic flora (active natural occurrences, like wind)
- dynamic lighting and shadows
- animation of objects/characters
- positional 3D sound
- ergonomic graphical user interface (GUI)
- control by various input devices
- video support inside the visualization

Company offers their expertise to partners who are in need of their services through outsourcing, services agreement or subcontracting agreement in order to expand their business on foreign market.

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Company’s visualization technology can be used on Windows and Mac platforms as a standalone application and as a web-based application. It is also suitable for distribution via physical media. A significant advantage of web-based application is its possibility to be connected with other web technologies (interoperability). The web-based application has been specially optimized for fast servicing. It has also been adapted to be used on the move, meaning it can be easily downloaded to a smartphone or an iPhone, shared in meetings, or just used to show the possibilities of application to business partners. It is intended for small-to-middle scale visualizations. However, company offers a large-scale visualization technique based on the 3D engine for visualizations of whole cities or regions, with a functional traffic system.

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Company offers their services to anyone who needs an interactive visualization for enhancement and complementation of their products or services (different business sectors and individual professions such as: engineers, architects, professors, inventors etc.) through outsourcing agreement, services agreement or subcontracting. The Croatian company would provide the final product - requested visualisation. The partner would provide the Croatian company with data needed for final product.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500