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A Croatian company offers its expertise in project cycle management, communication and dissemination, and entrepreneurial education services to partners forming consortia for H2020 projects under a research cooperation agreement

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A Croatian company focused on connecting science with the economy, as well as providing consultancy support to innovative and technology-based projects, is looking for research cooperation agreements with partners forming a consortium for H2020 projects. It offers its expertise in communication, dissemination, entrepreneurial education, and project cycle management within projects related to the agri-food sector, business support, environmental protection and digitalisation activities.



The Croatian company was founded in 2002 with the aim to develop knowledge-based entrepreneurship by using new and significantly improved existing technologies. It focuses on connecting science with the economy, as well as ensuring infrastructural, financial, and consultancy support to innovative and technology-based projects. Through its activities and the implementation of various EU and national projects, the company creates conditions for a quick and successful transformation of research results and innovations into products that are competitive on the market and encourages international transfer and development of small and medium enterprises.

Over the years, the company has acquired an extensive client database and achieved successful long-term cooperation with companies from all sectors, as well research organisations, business support institutions, development agencies, local and regional governments, and universities. The company has a rich experience in educating students and entrepreneurs, supporting all the relevant parties in all aspects of business, from business plan writing, intellectual property protection, starting and managing a business, to funding opportunities and business internationalisation.

For the past few years, the Croatian company has been working within a European food innovation initiative that aims to make the food system more sustainable, healthy, and reliable. Furthermore, the company has experience in the implementation of projects related to waste recycling, eco-packaging, and waste management. Within the project consortium, the company was working on supporting the transition from linear towards the circular economy.

On the other hand, the company has developed the “e-learning tool”, a web application serving as a one-stop-shop for easy and efficient business plan writing. The application is intended for all those who would like to write a business plan while also allowing users to benefit from mentoring services. The methodology has been tested on more than 1500 student business plans and is used by several business support institutions and development agencies in Croatia. The financial section is automated to avoid calculation errors. Based on the entries, the application automatically calculates whichever fields possible, including the profit and loss account. Furthermore, there are integrated control fields, which indicate if the entered amounts do not correspond with the previously defined parameters.

The company has also developed an e-tool for investment studies writing. Those applications are used daily for providing support to clients. Recently, the company has obtained strategic partnerships with regional companies, with the aim of forming the European Digital Innovation Hub, which would be a one-stop-shop that helps companies to become more competitive concerning their business/production processes, products, or services using digital technologies.

Moreover, the company has a significant experience in developing success stories and training courses for the dissemination of project activities.

The company offers its expertise in project management, communication, dissemination, entrepreneurial education, and in connecting relevant stakeholders. It can also provide the mentioned learning tools and mentoring services.

The Croatian company wishes to cooperate under a research cooperation agreement in a consortium interested in submitting H2020 project proposals related to the agri-food sector, environmental protection, digitalisation, and business support activities. The partners should be eligible to submit the project proposal.

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The company has extensive experience in the agri-food sector, circular economy, implementation of the EU projects, connection to science and economy, and ensuring infrastructural, financial, digital, and consultancy support to innovative and technology-based projects. - Since 2002, the company has been implementing projects related to the agri-food sector, environmental protection, entrepreneurial education, innovation and business support. - The company has been involved in various international projects funded by the Horizon 2020, COSME, Erasmus+, Interreg Central Europe… - It is involved in several transnational consortia and implements projects dealing with key enabling technologies, business consultancy and internationalisation, transnational exchange programmes, etc. - The company has an extensive client database and a broad network of national and transnational partners. - It publishes a monthly newsletter, informing subscribed scientists, researches, companies and clients on new partnering and funding opportunities. - Over the years, the company has promoted and participated in the organisation of numerous international business events and trade shows. - Every year, it organises an exhibition of innovations and a competition in student business plan writing. - It has vast connections with universities, research organisations, technology parks, business support institutions, development agencies and local and regional authorities in Croatia. - The company is a registered intellectual property protection representative. R&D achievements: - conceptual design of the integrated information system and new tariff system for city passenger transport - wireless sensor network for analogue signal acquisition - Omega-3-enriched eggs - production of the common and ecological milk thistle - cultivation of carp under controlled conditions - carnosine-enriched meat - washability of leather and fur for slippers, sheep and lamb skins

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Already on the market

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Type of partner: SMEs, universities and research organisations involved in the agri-food sector and environmental protection, digitalisation and business support activities that are currently involved in or thinking to form a consortium for the H2020 projects. Role of partner sought: The company is looking to partner with organisations with Horizon 2020 experience that are eligible to submit project proposals.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250